These mountain bike shoes strike the ideal balance between performance, comfort, and style

Bill Nye The Science Guy has teamed up with the team over at Diamondback to bring you the Let's Ride series explaining the fundamentals of biking.

Short of breath from the elevation and scenery, The Trippin Fellas enjoyed incredible hospitality and exposure to a culture drastically distinct from the western civilizations they call home.

Legislators are considering sticking out-of-state cyclists and mountain bikers with a $25 fee—and a side of humiliation

Most people these days ride name-brand bikes that are mass-produced in factories. But the tradition of the handmade, small-batch bicycle is still very much alive and well.

Danny Macaskill teamed up with the folks over at Oz Trails to lay down some amazing freeriding while he was in town.

Pro mountain biker Chris Baddick lives and trains in Boulder, Colorado. His gear room— equipped with a full bike-repair setup, nearly a dozen road and mountain rigs, and endless spare tires—is a dirt lover’s dream.

In 1967, Davis broke ground on the country's first true bike lane. Fifty years later, we look back on the inaugural system's impact—and how more work remains to be done to protect cyclists nationwide.

hen you feel the call of the sea as much as bikepacker Erkki Punttila it just makes sense to drive your boat to an isolated island.

More and more bike companies are selling road bikes built to be ridden on dirt roads. Are they marketing hype or the future of cycling?

Last December, 15 testers gathered for the annual Outside Magazine Bike Test, in which we select the rising crop of the coming year’s bikes and ride the bejeezus out of them to determine which are the most promising.

Buy this bike and the brand will donate a bike in your name

The new Ellipse comes with a whole suit of smart anti-theft and safety features

This e-bike is inspired by 1950s hot rods.

It starts with a deadly crash, like the one that happened in October on a busy Orange County street. Then the volunteers build the memorial. Peter Flax embedded with the team that makes ghost bikes in Southern California to record the process—and the tragedy that triggered it—from beginning to end.

With wheels getting stronger and lighter, dropper posts more reliable, and bikes increasingly versatile, this was a good year to be on a bike

This e-bike can charge your laptop

The fastest looking bike of 2016.

This is what you want under you when the pavement ends.

This e-bike has a longer range than your electric car

Scorchingly fast, silly light, and more affordable than the competition, this might just be the finest race bike for the money

Watch to see our go-to layering system for bike commuting on those chilly fall mornings.

Born with just one leg, Emmanuel was seen as disabled and cursed. But this man overcomes challenges and is determined to change the perception of disability in Ghana.

All the kit you need for pedaling to work

Hook the Edelux II up to a hub generator and you can say goodbye to batteries and plugs forever

It's called the Dutch Reach, and if a Massachusetts doctor has his way, it could prevent road riders from ever getting doored again

Jerseys and shorts for technical, steep, big-mountain riding

The best upgrade you can make on your rig? A new set of hoops. Presenting our favorites for road and mountain.

Earlier this year, Adventurer Patrick Sweeney set out to tackle the Italy Divide, an unsupported gravel race that runs over 500 miles down the spine of Italy with nearly 50,000 feet of climbing

The new release proves you don’t have to pay a fortune for an excellent, all-terrain bike

Absurdly priced, but also absurdly well engineered and fun to ride

With Specialized’s new Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie, the e-mountain bike has finally come of age

If you look around, you can find the following gear in good shape for a reasonable price

A built-in, pedal-powered tracking device on the new SmartBike is designed to ensure you never lose another commuter

Living Outside the Box is a film by Elements in Motion that profiles Jared Madsen, owner of Madsen Cycles. Diagnosed at an early age with dyslexia, Madsen struggled through the U.S. educational system and almost didn't graduate high school. After graduating, Madsen tapped into his…

Long overdue, disc brakes are finally taking over the roadie world

Thanks to a smart new automatic transmission, even beginners can get on this bike and get through technical terrain

We tested 25 women’s bikes in the Arizona desert. These were our four favorites.

The best kit for road and mountain

You can do better than jeans and a T-shirt

These mountain bikes add grip and confidence without the heft of a full fat bike, making them ideal for loose, sandy trails and super ­capable on bigger-hit riding. While the development is still in its infancy, with mountain-bike manufacturers debating rim widths and rubber dimensions, we believe it’s a significant advance for dirt steeds.

The right stuff for road and trail

The biggest beneficiaries of the great evolution in bike tech? Lower-cost rides.

The new generation of performance rides are faster, more comfortable, and more capable than ever.

A cadre of upstart brands is shaking up cycling clothing. Thank God.

Who says compound bows and bikes don't mix? (But seriously, this is fun.)

Presenting what might be the weirdest, most technologically intriguing dirt rig we’ve ridden this year

Has Trek built the world’s most versatile road bike with its new cobble machine?

Some designs endure. And for good reason.

Behold the best value in cycling: a $5,500 high-performance racer from the world's biggest bike company

Upgrading your grips is arguably the best, cheapest way to boost a bike's comfort. Don't skimp on them.

Longer days and higher temps mean it's time to break out the shoulder-season gear. Here are a few staff favorites.

As SRAM goes to 12-speed and Shimano widens its rear cassette, single-ring setups are becoming the new norm

Specialized and Trek are trying to make daytime lights easy, affordable, and acceptable on the road

Can a major overhaul of the industry’s most ubiquitous dropper resolve its questionable dependability record? So far, we're optimistic.

So you want to start mountain biking? Bravo! Whether you’re a roadie looking to play in the dirt or just upgrading a daily commuter, the decision to ride on trails could be the best one you’ve ever made.

Two new models from Specialized and Cannondale prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune on carbon fiber to get a top-performing road bike

Our bike editor couldn't find the ultimate single-speed, so he built one himself

A versatile ride for ripping singletrack or pedaling to work

This winter getaway is in a full warm-weather swing. To top it off, a killer mountain bike festival takes place this weekend.

Our mechanically impaired writer tested 15 bike locks with the goal of defeating every single one. He succeeded and learned one very important lesson in the process: protecting your bike depends on way more than your hardware. (*Money-back guarantee not included. Some of this really is on you.)

SRAM, Specialized, and Zipp have partnered to build three special-edition Tarmacs with SRAM’s new wireless groupo to raise money for the World Bicycle Relief

When the most winning American downhiller in history ditches a major bike sponsor for a niche, German manufacturer, you have to wonder if all’s well in the cycling world

As lightweight as a jersey but as protective as a shell, this is the ultimate cycling top

The Open Cycles U.P., or Unbeaten Path, is one of the most versatile bikes we've ever tested. Watch as bike editor Aaron Gulley explains what makes this bike stand apart from the rest.

Behold the epitome of the new fat bike: fast, fun, and astonishingly light

Three of the season’s most promising rides

After a few days testing bikes in Sedona, Arizona, we've found the Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned Plus and The Following by Evil to be two of the season’s most promising rides

This short-travel 29er isn’t just the most technologically advanced race bike on the market. It’s also way more fun than most cross-country rigs.

An old classic gets an entirely modern overhaul

We love all kinds of bikes, but there's something to be said for having one rig that can do it all. Jeff Jones: A Man and His Bikes is a film from Michael Carlini about bicycle builder Jeff Jones, who wanted to create a one-bike quiver…

A bike that sits right in the sweet spot between fast and capable

Our writer tested the ST2 for a month to see if he could ditch his minivan entirely. Turns out, the big high-voltage machine can be touchy, and a crazy useful transportation tool. It also makes late-night ice-cream runs a hell of a lot more fun.

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