In a time when “enduro” has become a tired epithet, the Nomad virtually reclaims the genre with downhill manners equal to any big bike and a weight that rivals many trail machines

You can now use clipless pedals with sneakers when you want to ditch your bike shoes

A full-suspension 27.5+ built expressly for bikepacking? Who’da thunk?

The company's new Edge 520 computer lets you live-chase KOMs, while the Varia bike and radar system lets you know when cars are close—and alerts them to your presence

From head to saddle to feet, here’s what the pros will be using in July

Let this bike add a little DIY satisfaction to your summer

A vintage-inspired bike with a worldwide impact

The Stumpjumper, one of the most versatile trail bikes on the market, gets even more capable for 2016 with new geometries, built-in SWAT storage, and a 27.5+ option.

These are the workhorses of the bike world—and with plenty of panache at last. —Aaron Gulley   These are the workhorses of the bike world—and with plenty of panache at last. —Aaron Gulley  (Michael Karsh) Shinola Detroit Arrow Best For:…

The best rides of the year for trail and pavement.

GoPro, Garmin, and Shimano are jockeying to capture the action from the pro peloton. It's a fierce war, and the company in the lead will surprise you.

It wasn't because the part was defective. And the issue may affect other bike manufacturers.

REI gets into the premium mountain market this spring with this playful, German-engineered 27.5-inch trail bike

Though many companies are rushing to the 27.5 standard, BMC’s new trail 29er proves that big wheels are still the best choice for many riders.

Learning the virtues of a solid, well-designed utility bike

Can a top-shelf belt-driven mountain bike help galvanize the single-speed movement?

Electronic mountain bike suspensions may sound convoluted and unnecessary, but the French manufacturer proves that the tech is here to stay.

Part of a new breed of adventure road bikes that lets you keep riding long after the pavement ends.

We thought the last iteration of this bike couldn't be improved. We were wrong.

Electronic shifting comes to mountain bikes. And it's awesome.

The best of this year's bike test is also the best case we've seen for disc brakes.

Once an eccentric trend, fat biking is here to stay.

Scott’s reinvention of the Addict has to be considered the benchmark for race bikes.

Does your chain skip between gears when you pedal, phantom shift, shift twice instead of once, or refuse to shift when you need it to? Here's how to fix it.

Are fixies the true soul of cycling? Or are they just a ridiculous fad blighting urban streets? Two cyclists duke it out.

The Shinamo Ultegra Di2 6770 shifting system was one of our editor’s five picks for Gear of the Show at the 2011 Interbike show.

When I agreed to accompany my friend on an epic bicycle tripfrom Canada to Mexico on the popular Pacific Coast Route,my previous biking experience consisted of a 1.2 mile commute to work. Suddenly, I’d be goingfrom nada to 60-plus miles a day for almost two…

It's been said that all athletes die twice. Add to that: unless you're Lance Armstrong. In his first year away from cycling, the seven-time Tour de France winner has raised millions to fight cancer, hosted the ESPYs, become part owner of a cycling team, and trained—somewhat—for his first marathon. (All…

For December's “Still Out Front,” Outside editor Christopher Keyes sat down with seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong for a candid conversation about fundraising, politics, and his life post-cycling. Here, read more of Keyes's interview with Armstrong, where he talks about the temptation to make a comeback. OUTSIDE: I…

Dr. Bob Breedlove, 53, one of the country's top endurance cyclists and one of the sport's most beloved figures, died on June 23 while competing in the RAAM transcontinental bike race. Frequent Outside contributor Stuart Stevens trained and raced with Breedlove on several occasions and spoke with him just hours before his death.

OK, this is a serious question. You seem like the kind of guy who does a fair amount of biking in cold, windy places. I've recently started to use my bike to commute to work and have noticed a "small" change in a very personal area. The wind goes right through my pants, and when I arrive at my location my little guy is tucked away like a scared turtle. This isn't a real huge problem, just inconvenient and uncomfortable. Do you know of any underwear or pants that could help fight this problem? Karl Rostock, Germany