Among the benefits to hitting the trail in winter? No mosquitoes. But there are more!

Book now before everyone else gets wise.

What you need to know about the change in the frequent flier program.

Travel website Hopper has got snagging airfare deals down to a science.

Stronger dollar? Check. Weaker euro? Check. Time to go see the world again!

Airlines have made frequent-flier miles more valuable than ever. But they’re becoming increasingly harder to earn. This is how you hack the system.

How to hack lift tickets, travel, lodging.

Think you know a deserving lodge, guide, or service? Show us your best.

Jack Kerouac spent the summer of 1956 manning a fire tower on Washington's Desolation Peak, in the northern Cascades. He didn't do much writing there, apparently, despite being alone with pencil and paper. But he stayed for 63 days. The views were good.

They've put in the time up in the air, and some of them tell others how to see the world for a living. We asked them: What's the one piece of travel advice everyone should know?

Crying babies, endless delays, and that one aggressive seat-kicker are almost inevitable travel companions. Doesn't mean you can't have a nice journey: savvy packing will keep you collected and calm. We can't promise the same for the new parents across the aisle.

We polled an all-star team of experts and adventurers to put together our new rules of travel—all the airfare tips and digital tricks that make getting out there easier than ever.

An epic, 10,000-mile road trip across America to find the best place to live in the country.

One man and his canine pal cover 13,000 miles in 32 states to discover just how strong our relationship is with man's best friend.

The days of the Homestead Act are over. But if you’re willing to be flexible, there are still ways to get cheap—even free—land.

Procrastinators are about to get the last laugh. Turns out you can save 10 to 40 percent if you book a hotel at the last minute through an app.

I'm nervous about rising ticket prices and added fees. Can I still travel regularly without breaking the bank?

A visual breakdown of what makes for blissful travel—backed by science.

On the Mount Rushmore of flight travel FAQs, this one sits between, “How do I get a free upgrade?” and “Where the blank is my luggage?” Although far from an exact science, picking the right time to book is now less of a guessing game thanks to new metrics and…

We have a secret. That cabin you’ve always dreamed of? It’s within reach—if you know where to look.

These ground-tested strategies will help you conquer every last weekend.

Seven men want to share a few thousand pieces of gear with the world. And they need your help.

Enjoyable family trips require positive attitudes, not five-star hotels.

The Internet should make booking a trip easier. If only. Let’s not forget that today’s web is first and foremost a marketplace—and the market for travel-booking and search sites is crowded, which can make planning your next journey a little daunting. On one side, you have online travel agencies such…

With nearly 30,000 miles of well-marked and maintained trails, Switzerland is a mecca for hikers. From late June to early September, walkers can explore alpine peaks, wildflower meadows, and crystalline lakes. Although day hikes abound, it’s also possible to string inn-to-inn treks into multi-day, budget-friendly trips. Although routes are graded…

Budget-friendly prices, and the freedom and comfort of staying at a home-away-from-home have made vacation rentals popular alternatives to hotels. Property owners list their homes on sites such as Home Away and the associated, VRBO, and Flipkey, the latter of which is…

A proper randy romp in the backcountry takes preparation.

Who says cat and heli-skiing are for the one percent? Here’s how to score prime powder at a cut rate.

The all-mighty budget is a hurdle for many travelers. Couchsurfing (CS), an online network where travelers exchange free lodging, allows you to leap this obstacle. But couch surfing isn’t just about getting a free place to stay; it’s about fostering connections among a community of, now, seven million…

Want to learn how ski but don't want to spend all your wages on expensive ski gear and rentals? Here are some tips for saving on gear from a life-long budget-savvy skier.

This season, choose outdoors over indoors, adventure over eating, and hiking over cooking.

Welcome to Telluride, the best little stoner town in America

Crooks may be emptying your bank account while your ATM card is in your wallet. Here’s how to prevent it.

Get your local stoke on with these 7 tips.

With the economy on the uptick and early snowfall stoking demand, Dan Sherman, spokesman for ski-centric travel agent, says you can’t count on resorts dropping prices mid-season. You should book early and online. Here are a few deals to get you started.

A clean, green, LEED-certified hostel in south Chattanooga where athletes of all stripes feel at home.

Pilgrimage, a new book and traveling exhibition by one of the magazine world's most famous working photographers, was inspired by a close-to-home family vacation

The island traps you. That’s what Manhattanites say when rationalizing their inability to travel freely. But with a little crea­tivity, finding adventure is easier than you think. Outside fan Joe Sacaridiz, an ad-agency art director who lives in Hell’s Kitchen, spends spring and fall weekends climbing upstate and winters snowboarding in Vermont. Here’s

Ah, Mexico. Land of hot sand, cheap beer, and a foolproof cure for seasonal affective disorder: endless adventure.

Time was, you could crisscross America with nothing but a rucksack and a thumb. You still can, if you know how.

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