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Spoiler: it’s all about ditching single-use items

The Coleman Classic is one of our Gear Guy’s top choices for car camping. “The two 10,000-BTU burners take a little while to heat things up, but no one should be in a rush when out camping,” he wrote. “If anything ever breaks on a Classic—which rarely…

Our writer tested 29 backpacking stoves in 2018, and the Primetech was his favorite. “It’s reasonably priced, simmers well, boils quickly, and comes with everything I needed to cook in the backcountry,” he wrote.

When your life depends on it, it had better work

In this video, Bryan Rogala shows us three solutions to help kick that expensive one-pound disposable-propane-tank habit

The best thing about car camping? Bringing all the amenities.

Our writer has a man crush on a Utah cook-stove inventor named Steve Despain, and it’s easy to see why. Using creative design, smart marketing, and YouTube star turns, he’s brought glamour to the humblest little workhorse in the outdoors.

Our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide review sums up our thoughts on the Ignite: “It is everything you could want in a straightforward car-camping stove,” our tester wrote. “It has two 10,000-BTU burners, a piezo igniter that we used a hundred times without a hiccup, and space for two ten-inch…

If you've done everything in your power to salvage it, and it's still not working like it used to, maybe it's time for something new

Included in our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide, the Primus Aeril Stove lets you grill over any fire. Designed to block wind and provide support for the large triangular grill, the stove also folds flat and comes with a storage bag for easy transport.

Thanks to a couple inventors, a handful of national parks might be the best places to take your propane canisters to keep them out of landfills. But why hasn't the process taken off across the country?

A warm meal is a game changer in the backcountry

This single burner is a budget-friendly car camping essential. We found it great for making morning coffee or boiling noodles, thanks to the consistent and adjustable stove.

BioLite’s Cookstove has an integrated battery, which powers a fan for efficient cooking. Plus, four fan speeds control flame size, enabling you to boil water fast or just simmer.

The winner gets a place of honor in my camp kitchen

Treat it right and you'll have a workhorse that will last you decades

Here are 5 great options. And not all of them are expensive.

Whether you’re just getting into backpacking or want to upgrade your kit, you can't go wrong with this tiny cooking setup

It'll elevate your camp-cooking game for decades—for just $130

Some cut down on waste. Some funnel proceeds to environmental organizations. Some are green literally and figuratively.

It burns kerosene, unleaded gasoline, canister fuel, and alcohol

Companies making gear from aluminum and steel—everything from camp stoves to bike frames—will be hit hardest by the new tariffs, economists say

Those folks up in the PNW know how to make nice-looking outdoor toys

I pitted three models against one another to help you choose the right stove for your adventures

5 affordable and inventive outdoor products from this summer's Outdoor Retailer

Four products I use all the time that were built here in the USA

The Eureka Gonzo Grill is one of our favorite all-in-one cook systems that we’ve tested.

Plus, the differences between liquid fuel and pressurized canisters

A lightweight backpacking stove that runs on twigs

Celebrate (and support) the National Park Service's birthday with these 7 products

5 cool new products from Outdoor Retailer that won't break the bank

The following items have gone the way of dodo bird, but if we had our way, we'd bring them all back

The year ahead will be filled with goggles that guide us down the ski hill, stoves that could save humanity, and Kubrickian pods that will carry us to the edge of space

We love bikes, but you’ll see a lot more country on a motorcycle

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