Car-Camping Stoves

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Consisting of both a cooktop and an oven, a range will open the door to a wider assortment of on-the-go meals

This portable fire pit is one of our favorites because its simple design cuts down on smoke. “Holes at the bottom and top of the stainless-steel stove provide oxygen to the flames, and because it’s a skinny, long tube, the logs burn hot and fall into themselves,…

Contributor Amy Marturana Winderl called the Roadtrip 285 the best portable grill for a crowd: “We tested this 20,000-BTU propane grill when we had family visiting and were able to cook enough chicken thighs and legs for six people,” she wrote. “Two foldout side tables were convenient…

No, you don't have to eat freeze-dried food in the woods

You can make backyard-style meals wherever your adventure itch takes you

In this video, Bryan Rogala shows us three solutions to help kick that expensive one-pound disposable-propane-tank habit

The best thing about going car camping? Cooking. Here, Wes Siler details his setup.

Living out of your car doesn’t mean you need to rough it. Here’s the gear worth splurging on to up your glamping game.

BioLite’s Cookstove has an integrated battery, which powers a fan for efficient cooking. Plus, four fan speeds control flame size, enabling you to boil water fast or just simmer.

The winner gets a place of honor in my camp kitchen

Equipped with a new lightweight, low-to-the-ground stand, the classic PK Grill and Smoker is now tailgate-ready

Creature comforts for the car-camping set

It burns kerosene, unleaded gasoline, canister fuel, and alcohol

I pitted three models against one another to help you choose the right stove for your adventures

A full cooking and cleaning setup that slots into the back of your truck

A packable device producing fire for camp cooking.

We've come a long way from the days of instant coffee and card games by flashlight.

You no longer need a backyard to grill like a caveman.

It's a long weekend, perfect for that family wilderness getaway you've been dreaming about.

We've got the Vanagon packed, but where and how should we unload it for a picture-perfect base camp?

We're going for an epic, cross-country road trip. Weight isn’t an issue, so we're excited to load up on gear that we normally wouldn't have in the backcountry. What are three pieces of gear that you think really make for a great car-camping trip?

Spontaneity means traveling light but also being prepared. The gear you bring—bikes, boats, ’biners—depends on where you’re going. The rest? Pack no more than the Kelty BaseCamp Kitchen.

September 16-18, Summersville, West Virginia.

Fire up Primus’s well-built and easy-to-light Atle 2 Burner Camp Stove.…