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There are important decisions to make before and after your recyclables leave your hands

Don't have time to thru-hike? That's OK! These trails can be done in a few days or weeks so you can test your endurance without using up all your vacation days.

America's best mountain runner, Joe Gray, is also obsessed with food and knows the best spots for pigging out in this Colorado city

Stunning swimming holes, lakes, and pools to dunk into as temps heat up

From Yosemite’s famed granite to Patagonian towers, these pitches are every bit as legendary as the climber himself

We get it. Solo travel can be scary. But trust us, the idea of it is more frightening than actually doing it.

‘Wallmapu’ follows skiers Piers Solomon and Rodrigo Guzman as they explore the sacred slopes of Chile.

Ramón Navarro chases swells around the world. Here's the carry-on gear that helps him get it done.

If you're still using ground beef, you've got a lot to learn

As the U.S. battles over the fate of public lands, the Chilean government and Kristine Tompkins are doing something extraordinary down in Patagonia—setting aside millions of acres for stunning new national parks. And they aren't done yet.

Sean Dougherty made a name for himself as a talented climber in the Canadian Rockies. Now he's starting a new adventure in one of the most extreme environments on earth.

She worked tirelessly with her husband to conserve one of the last wild places on earth. Since his tragic death, she's worked even harder.

From filmmaker Marko Roth, Together is a travel film from his trip 1,200-mile journey through Patagonia. 

After a day spent outside, there's nothing better than a superbly placed hot tub

See a cool new place and learn a tip or two from the pros along the way

For mountain biker Lorraine Blancher, veering off the beaten path has been a pastime that keeps biking fresh and new.

If there’s anything better than an epic day outside, it’s reliving it over great food and drink. From mountain decks to beachside watering holes, our favorite après spots have mastered Cajun fries, crustaceans, and craft ales.

Keep an eye out for these companies making some our favorite new gear

Last weekend, the North Face’s Chile brand put on Latin America’s biggest—and loudest, and rad-est, and rowdiest—bouldering competition.

The crew behind Seeking Nirvana may have never been professional filmmakers, but what they lacked in technical skill they made up for in team chemistry.

In the Atacama region of Chile, 42-year-old Max Stöckl set a new mountain bike speed record on a standard frame.

'Tales of the Wild' explores the stories of four men who are authentically wild. In episode 2, Gaucho, Jakob Von Plessen opens up about his calling to the life of a Gaucho.

Watch the crew as they find incredibly big lines, open barrels, and solitude.

Last week, I flew down to Chile to spend a week at Ski Portillo, arguably South America’s most iconic ski area. Surrounded by tall Andean peaks, sitting next to the much-photographed Laguna del Inca, and home to the iconic Super C Couloir, it’s a bucket-list spot for many of us in North America who are not-so-patiently awaiting the return of winter.

A 20-year fight between energy and environmental interests over some of the country's last undammed rivers has finally come to a close

In our ongoing 'Weekly Escape' series, we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in 2 minutes or less

Stunt woman Roberta Mancino jumped from 15,000 feet in a wingsuit over the Villarrica volcano, one of Chile's most active volcanoes

"When I was a little child, I never imagined there could be so much water in the mist."

Our new 'Play Now' series highlights an epic POV clip so you can get in on the action even when you're stuck behind a desk.

Fueled by yerba mate, a five-man production team traveled 16,000 km by car and more than 500 km on foot through Argentina and Chile to capture Patagonia in impressive 4K resolution.

South America quickly became the focus of the ski world when a possible record breaking storm—think nearly 20 feet of powder—popped up on the radar late this summer. Photographer Liam Doran was there.

Spring in South America means snow, whitewater, and adventure everywhere you look

Volcanic activity in and around Patagonia could mean clogged streams and animal deaths, but experts say the region should bounce back quickly.

Don't plan any vacations before reading this year's Best of Travel winners.

If you love sleeping under the sky, you should try it in the coziest way possible—within the snug confines of a plush outdoor bed.

Former reality-show skipper Chris Fischer has revolutionized shark science—with a daring system for catching the beasts alive and a radical new research-funding model. During an expedition off the coast of Chile that was interrupted by an undersea earthquake, our man wonders if this guy is the next Cousteau or a corporate-sponsored hype machine.

The pro traveler needs cutting-edge survival gear as he explorers the farthest reaches of the planet. And his favorite place to play might surprise you. (Hint: It’s in the Midwest.)

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