City Biking


Planners of cities both large and small are working overtime to build the parks, trails, and bike paths to help residents be more active than ever

It’s easier than you think to find a quiet trail in the concrete jungle. To prove it, we asked our Instagram followers how they find nature in their cities. Here are 10 of our favorite shots.

Watch to see how this simple technique might just save a cyclist's life.

Long overdue, disc brakes are finally taking over the roadie world

Our mechanically impaired writer tested 15 bike locks with the goal of defeating every single one. He succeeded and learned one very important lesson in the process: protecting your bike depends on way more than your hardware. (*Money-back guarantee not included. Some of this really is on you.)

San Francisco, Montreal, and Washington, DC, are all looking to adopt the Idaho Stop

In search of the everyman who will make bike commuting the norm

Your morning commute just got a lot easier

The company's new Edge 520 computer lets you live-chase KOMs, while the Varia bike and radar system lets you know when cars are close—and alerts them to your presence

These are the workhorses of the bike world—and with plenty of panache at last. —Aaron Gulley   These are the workhorses of the bike world—and with plenty of panache at last. —Aaron Gulley  (Michael Karsh) Shinola Detroit Arrow Best For:…

Steer your bike into the Digital Age

Bike hacks beware—if you steal a Stromer ST2, you won’t get away with it.

A pair of sturdy jeans for your bike.

Learning the virtues of a solid, well-designed utility bike

Liability lawyer and former professional bike racer Megan Hottman spends her working hours representing cyclists who've been injured by reckless drivers. She spends her leisure time riding and telling people what they don't always want to hear: in the perpetual, complicated conflict between two wheels and four, bike riders are part of the problem, and they have to be a big part of the solution.

An intelligent electric hub lets you go farther

The newest urban bike parks are bigger, better, and more beginner-friendly than ever

The iconic brand is releasing a new Scrambler—and it's better than ever.

Foil bike thieves while recording your commuting data.

The Swedish car company has partnered with outdoor gear maker POC to make helmets that communicate with cars. The goal: to end collisions between bikes and drivers.

The Portland bike shop owner starts from the saddle up.

We always preach the importance of wearing a helmet while cycling. But new research suggests that the brain buckets aren't keeping us much safer—and one Olympian argues we should do away with them altogether. So what can we do to keep cyclists safe?

The Veloloop tricks traffic lights into thinking your bike is a car.

California’s rule requiring cars to give cyclists a three-foot berth went into effect last week. Too bad it doesn't actually keep riders safe.

With a swarm 66,000 people congregating on a patch dirt for the week, the scale of the event was unimaginable. With so much to see in such a vast area, a vehicle of some kind is a necessity. And in true Burning Man fashion, the crazier the better.

People have been trying to build a better bike almost as long as people have been trying to build a better mousetrap. With the Denny, that quest may be over—at least when it comes to urban commuting.

Cycling isn't always spectator-friendly. But the UCI's decision to allow on-the-bike cameras at the Tour de France might just change how you view the sport.

11 questions you’re too embarrassed to ask about cycling’s most famous race.

The roads are dangerous. But the real hate happens on social media. And it's both disgusting and scary.

Rail trails are the ultimate in reusing and recycling. Converted from former railroad corridors, these multi-use paths carve gentle grades through cities and the countryside, making them family-friendly routes for hiking and biking. To date, there are more than 1,800 rail trails open nationwide, covering more than 21,000 miles. “They…

The good news is that a rapidly growing number of cities across the country are becoming more bike-commuter friendly because of rising gas prices, growing alarm over global warming, and Americans’ desire to stay fit. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, biking to work has…

With the launch of Strava Metro, the Bay Area-based online fitness company hopes to become an advocate for its users.

Perth was thrust into the public consciousness recently for being the home base of the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean. But this city of 1.7 million people with a Mediterranean climate on the remote southwestern corner of Australia has hardly been a secret…

Tiny adventure tools that prove size doesn't matter

Portable outdoor toys that play big and travel small

Explore the outdoorsy side of the Star of Texas

Logging emerald miles in the Queen City

Frustrated with complacent city officials, some bicyclists are painting their own lanes, installing signs, and making mischief intended to send a loud message to motorists: it's time to take cycling safety way more seriously.

Hotels are constantly adding new bells and whistles to get a leg up on the competition—think access to fancy guitars and complementary museum passes. Now, many venues are starting to keep their cycling guests happy with premium-ride loaners. Bikes at Twin Farms. Kimpton Hotels &…

Underground, unsanctioned races are about as elusive as secret New York City parties. These simple steps you put you in the know.

Keep your wheels spinning soundly with this handy guide

Even though it has reached people in more than 30 countries, bike polo is still relatively unknown in the United States. But a group of players is doing everything they can to change that.

Avalo York once ruled the Central Park bike loop. He's still there, almost every weekday, but he's been done with racing for a long time.

A conversation with Dr. Stacy Sims, endurance runner, Ironman triathlete, and pro-elite road racer who has been studying the science of performance and nutrition for two decades

Is it just me, or have there been a lot of bike accidents in the news lately? I know it’s impossible to steer clear of all possible dangers, but what are some ways I can stay safe while sharing the road with cars?

Which is a serious problem when you’re the most famous stunt rider on the Internet. But as Nick Heil finds out, the oft-injured Scot is roaring out of rehab to dazzle the world once again.

You don’t have to give up the amenities of a large urban environment just because you prefer traveling on two wheels over four

Tens of thousands of people are hurt while riding their bikes every year in the United States alone. Follow these 10 basic guidelines to make sure you avoid injury and stay safe.

Watch Lucas Brunelle's controversial documentary about the world of alley cat racing

I bike a lot. Between my sweat and the sun, I wonder—how long does a helmet last? Is there something I can do to extend its life? If it is time for a new lid, what do I buy?

There’s a downside to the increase in big-city bike traffic. Newbie riders, unaware of the rules, put others at risk. Our man offers a few pointers for the uninitiated.

When thieves stole his beloved ­commuter bike on a busy street in broad daylight, PATRICK SYMMES snapped—and set out on a cross-­country plunge into the heart of ­America’s bike-crime underbelly. What he saw will ­rattle your frame.

I’ve decided to start bike commuting in order to save some money and get fit. What should I look for in a solid commuter?

The perfect gifts for the active city-dweller.

You're ready to act on those good intentions, but how do you know the organizations you're backing deserve your trust? Here are the 30 best—smartly managed groups with transparent financials, efficient spending, and track records of on-the-ground success.

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Five must-haves for navigating city life, including the TiGr bike lock.

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Pedal there in good form with the Hestra Bike Leather gloves.

Live smarter in the city with these five essential skills

From farm shares to bike shares, these seven flashes of genius are reinventing a metropolis near you

A stylish single-speed commuter that's as functional as it is indestructible: the Globe Bikes Roll 2 bicycle.

Electric bikes are for schmucks, right? Nah. The newest models are stylish, useful machines that will put a lot more riders on the road.

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