For the past decade, American climber Mike Dobie has been developing world-class routes outside the remote village of Liming. As the coronavirus triggers anti-Chinese sentiment worldwide, his mission is more important than ever.

The knife edge of Switzerland's Hardergrat is 16 miles long with more than 10,000 feet of vertical gain

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Like a cicada, the North Face Denali fleece hibernates for stretches, only to emerge one season with such force that you can't remember a time it wasn't around

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Our writer was looking to find solace on the congested slopes of Snowdon in Wales when COVID-19 shut it down. He soon realized that a mountain devoid of humans isn't the vision he thought it would be.

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Last year, mountaineers Adrian Ballinger and Carla Perez summited K2 without supplemental oxygen

Photographer Ben Moon spent much of his twenties living in a van and climbing by the ocean, but at 29, he was diagnosed with cancer

Zion was either going to relight my fire or be my last big rock adventure for a while. I didn’t know which.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, three Chinese teams reached the top of the world

The Momentum is one of our favorite beginner shoes, but it also excels on long outdoor multipitch routes or as an intermediate gym shoe. The relaxed fit is ideal for those who want more toe space, and the breathable knit upper helps keep your feet from overheating.

A group of eight researchers from China just summited the mountain with the sole mission of getting the most accurate measurement to date of the world's tallest peak

While it may not be free-soloing El Cap, comedian and skier Katie Burrell takes on a daunting challenge in her home during quarantine

The 20-liter Kompressor keeps Outside’s resident boulderer Jenny Earnest organized at the crag. “It’s big enough to haul a day’s worth of gear and the frameless design and lightweight ripstop nylon shell allows it to compress and jam into my pad,” she wrote.

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From the folks at Impact Route Setting, this video shows how they built a backyard bouldering wall

Vasu Sojitra didn't let an amputation stop him from skiing or climbing. Now he's turning his attention to advocacy.

Many male athletes struggle with eating disorders. By sharing his personal experience, Lightner hopes to let others know they are not alone.

As the sport is poised to enter the Olympics, a veteran climbing writer delves into its past in 'High Drama: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Competition Climbing'

On going back to the mountains after a traumatic accident

In an excerpt from her new book, 'Nerve: Adventures in the Science of Fear,' Outside correspondent Eva Holland is paralyzed by fear while hiking down from an ice climb. The experience catalyzes a quest to understand and overcome her acrophobia.

In 1962, climber Maurice Horn completed the first ascent of the iconic Naked Edge route in Colorado's Eldorado Canyon

Flouting the law is in our blood, but for the time being, caution equals caring

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'Shred It in Place' explores how iconic, untouched routes like the Kitchen Traverse can make this time just a little more bearable

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Alex Honnold and Black Diamond are out to make climbing iconic areas like El Cap and Devils Tower "a little bit more mellow"

With 43,000 feet of elevation gain, 91 miles above 10,000 feet, and 63 summits, the route is not to be taken lightly. Brendan Leonard recounts one of his favorite adventures from the past decade.

'Session with the Best' showcases two top climbers, Sean Bailey and Nathaniel Coleman, as they practice at the USA Climbing Training Center

As it became clear that climbing walls could be an ideal host for the coronavirus, most gyms closed their doors this week

An official declaration from Nepal's Department of Immigration confirms that the world's highest peak will be closed for the season due to coronavirus concerns

For now, despite COVID-19 concerns, the Nepalese side is still open for business

The ice climber, kayaker, and paraglider continues to explore uncharted territories into his fifties

Nepal will soon indefinitely suspend visas on arrival for travelers from five countries where the virus has been detected in high numbers

This is the fleece-puffy hybrid we’re taking into shoulder season. The Vigor has low-loft fill across the chest, upper back, and hips that provides just-right warmth during sustained climbs. Our testers also noted the jacket’s impressive breathability, thanks to fleece across the back and arms.

Rock climbing, getting lost, and scouting for rare birds are all perfect pursuits in California's Pinnacles National Park. It's our 62 Parks Traveler's second stop on her journey to visit every U.S. national park in a year.

On February 24, registration opened for a series of climbing courses in an effort to standardize teaching the sport and help gym climbers transition to the outdoors in a safe way

An entire mountain range to itself, dramatic stretches of the Rio Grande, and 118 miles of shared border with Mexico are just a few reasons why this 801,163-acre range in southwest Texas is worth a visit

Can one pair of gloves be both thin and warm? I tried virtually everything out there until I found my perfect match in a pair from Hestras.

Nothing says "I love you" like getting someone a gift they'll use again and again

In our roundup of the best winter camping gear of 2019, we wrote: “Testers loved the Immaculator for frosty belays in the Tetons.” This North Face parka is built with responsibly sourced 800-fill goose down, ripstop fabric with a durable water-repellent finish, and a high collar to keep you…

Winter car camping is cozier with Black Diamond’s Stance. Its 180-gram synthetic insulation kept us toasty on frigid belays and at the camp kitchen. We love the helmet-compatible hood, too.

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