After testing this new Hydro Flask product, our Gear Guy said that it became his favorite cooler-pack hybrid, mostly because of how comfortable and easy to carry it is. Credit the padded shoulder straps and sleek design.

A portable cooler made comfortable. It’s ideal for carrying an icy six-pack on a day hike.

Indie design shops are working quietly in the background on many of the best products out there (think of Patagonia's Black Hole duffle). But the gear companies don't want you to know that.

If you're going to splurge on the vehicle of your dreams, best to kit it out properly

The only way to stop gear scammers is to stop clicking their links

The Texas-based cooler giant is seeking to raise $100 million in an initial public offering

Five ice chests that keep food and drink colder, longer, anywhere

Sleeping in a tent doesn’t have to mean roughing it

This rotomolded beast is bigger, tougher, and better insulated than your classic plastic jug

The products mark the company’s first water cooler and a new addition to its Panga line

A cleaner, easier way to carry your gear

Inspired by packs, a new breed of coolers are on the rise

The cooler giant is making its famous (and very, very heavy) Tundra more portable

With Yeti in the hot seat over a feud with the NRA, competitors are jumping at the chance to win over new customers by declaring their allegiance to the Second Amendment

The NRA claims that Yeti refuses to sell to its foundation. Yeti begs to differ.

Never settle for freeze-dried meals again

The brand cited "market conditions" as the reason it won't go ahead with its initial public offering

Naming your favorite outdoor gear is more complicated than you'd think

The Texas company introduces four new products this spring. These are our first impressions after a long weekend with them.

Forget the cooler. In-car fridges make fresh food way more convenient in the outdoors.

To see more than just paved roads and parking lots, a new breed of explorers are taking a cue from the Aussies

Just please don't call them hacks

They'll keep your beer cold for a stupid long time and are easy to transport

The Oregon-based drinkware company is branching out with its gear offerings

Can you still expect to have a comfortable summertime camping trip in the lower 48? Absolutely, but you probably need to upgrade your approach to dealing with the heat.

OtterBox has made some of the burliest phone cases available for years, and now they're getting into the cooler market.

We put several to test to find out how well they carry and how well they keep your beer cold

Everything you need to know to ensure your beer and steaks stay cold

Yeti has re-vamped their Hopper cooler for 2017, making it much more user friendly and comfortable to carry.

This cooler with built-in subwoofers is the ultimate tailgating piece

Watch to see if our online gear editor, Jakob Schiller, thinks Yeti's soft-sided coolers are worth the price tag.

An insulated backpack that will keep your favorite beer cold on the trail

Igloo evolves the concept of coolers with the Trailmate

We asked Burner veterans for tips. What they suggested will make your stay more pleasant, but no less weird.

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