He's tested them, and now they're very on sale

Our Gear Guy tested the top small coolers to help find what's right for you

From green trucks and biodegradable garments to thinner and warmer wetsuits and on-demand insurance for athletes

In 2017, this was one of our favorite soft-sided coolers. Our Gear Guy said it’s “ideal for space-crunched apartment dwellers heading out on day trips” because it packs down to the size of a three-ring binder. Fully expanded, the cooler can hold 20 cans and a couple pounds of…

Simple, reliable, and affordable: the age of practical solar power for your adventuremobile has arrived

A guide to ruling the galley on your next weekend out

From fruity sours to lagers that don't bore you to tears, we've got your must-drink list

We cover the necessities, plus a few extras and friendly pointers

I beat the snot out of it to see how it holds up

How you organize your gear is just as important as the gear you take

Frosty fortresses for trail and campsite

Flimsy totes don’t stand a chance against the Camino Carryall. It’s a bomber everyday bag built for the beach, the back of the van, and everywhere in between. Plus, it cleans up easily with a quick spray down, a must for those the go.

A removable insulated box paired with an outer shell, the Cooloir was a breeze to hose down and dry out after a trip. It’s large enough to fit lunch for four, but best not to keep perishable items in it for more than 48 hours.

The new LoadOut GoBox 30 is waterproof, dustproof, and keeps your valuables organized

The brand's new paper and wax model biodegrades—and costs only $10

The beauty of the Double Take: it’s only a cooler when you want it to be. Use the retro main shell on its own (choose from waxed canvas, 1,000-denier Cordura, or upcycled tent fabric when you buy), or throw the Chilly Bag insert in and you’ve got 6.5 liters of…

The smallest cooler here, the Bucket Truck It is only designed to carry a six-pack. But that makes it easy to bring everywhere, leaving no excuses to not have it on hand. Fill this tote with your favorite beverages and an ice pack, then carry a liquid picnic to your…

Every cooler here is collapsible to a degree, but the Classic is the true space saver’s dream. It’s essentially just a watertight nylon bag that can fold flat or roll up when you’re not using it. An air valve lets you pump extra cold-trapping dead space into the walls for…

With space enough for two growlers, the seam-sealed, waterproof polyester-ripstop Sixer is burly. Friends will thank you for bringing plenty to share, and that the reflective silver liner and foam insulation kept it all chilled by the time you arrived.

Soft-shelled coolers aren’t supposed to work this well. The Hopper Two collapses nearly flat and will keep brews cold for a really, really long time. It’s not light (almost six pounds when empty), but let’s be real—nothing from Yeti is. If you want cold beer for hours, and a lot…

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