The way we recreate looks different right now. We aren't traveling with our friends or visiting our favorite national parks and out-of-town trails. But we need the outdoors more than ever. From smart news analysis to quarantine reading recommendations and helpful home exercise tips, we've got you covered during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Faced with heart damage and debilitating long-haul COVID-19, the author asks himself hard questions, and keeps dreaming.

The pandemic forced schools to teach outside. Many teachers, parents, and kids want to keep it that way.

Sometimes the grass really is greener in a new place

When COVID-19 hit, one Outside editor found solace in an unexpected hobby

Phillip Dwight Morgan became obsessed with the hit History Channel series during quarantine. It inspired him to dive into survivalism and gave him skills to navigate an unprecedented year.

Public lands have become more trodden and restrictive, but the pandemic-era craziness might not last

Pandemic-induced isolation has led to a wide range of physical effects. Here’s what to watch out for—and how to address it. 

The superstar country singer realized he needs to chase adventure every day—and then turn it into music

Despite Base Camp’s status as a super-spreader location, guides actually might have been safer on Everest than they would have been back home

The latest deaths raised questions about the role of COVID, but analyses of nearly a century’s worth of climbing records suggest some consistent patterns

The coronavirus has put climbers and workers in even more danger than usual

The peak saw its first summits of the season last week, including several record-breaking climbs

Our country’s open spaces are a sanity-saving antidote for this writer

A climber posted on social media that the situation at Base Camp is “a total shitstorm. I had no idea what I was flying into.”

After more than a year of pandemic living, let us remember why it’s worth getting out there

What to do when you can’t be active in the same way

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