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In her podcast, ‘FOGO: Fear of Going Outside,’ Ivy Le takes on the great outdoors—very, very reluctantly

Challenging solo trips can be immensely rewarding. Just ask competitive bikepackers, who ride grueling courses through the backcountry carrying everything they need to survive to the finish line.

How three-time Xterra world champ Lesley Paterson cowrote the new adaptation of ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’

Why Tracksmith, an apparel brand immersed in the culture and heritage of running, started making shoes 

The popularity of gravel cycling has prompted tire manufacturers to go wider and softer. Has the trend gone too far?

Packed with mountain grub, adventure-ready treats, après recipes, and so much more, these are the best choices for skiers

We explore one tasty reindeer game Rudolph doesn’t want to be part of

The new Netflix docuseries examines the 2015 Nepal earthquake. The film’s director explains why Mount Everest is just one component of a bigger story.

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Six Black women came together to build a running community, but what they created was a foundation for so much more

There’s a reason that shows like ‘Alone’ hold our attention: we can’t help but imagine that it’s us out there.

Spoiler alert: It’s not because you’re a wuss.

While many sports are tightening restrictions on transgender athletes, these leagues went in the opposite direction

There’s a reason a strenuous outing makes you desire a greasy mound of meat: it has a lot of what your body needs

Long-standing rules for how we do our business in the wilderness are changing in a very big way—and it’s about time

Harnessing the power of the outdoors can make us better humans and put a positive dent in the world. These are stories about creating stronger communities, more fulfilling lives, and a healthier environment.

After two episodes, the survivalist reality show has already seen a few twists and turns

Is the age-old craft of oral storytelling going by the wayside? Not if we can help it.

Night comes alive when you let your voice and imagination lead you—and your rapt audience—somewhere surprising

In the UST film ‘This Is My Story: Tony Galbreath II,’ Galbreath shares what it’s like being a Black man in a managerial role in the outdoor industry today

What a witches’ year taught me about our relationship to wild places

A few years ago, I was a vocal proponent of the outdoor industry incorporating Indigenous land acknowledgments as standard business practice. As it’s become more common, my perspective has evolved.

Red tape is the new bar tape

With a pair of Army SPECS and a little ingenuity, Pit Viper’s cofounders built a brand that nobody could have predicted