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The key to an adventure that's fun for everyone: lower your expectations, squash insecurities, and bring along plenty of creature comforts

Expanding your community is always tough. Throw in a pandemic and a move to a rural area, and it could feel impossible. But a shift in perspective might be all you need to (safely) fill that social void.

By setting boundaries around what you post, when you're online, and who you surround yourself with in real life, you can strike a better balance between Instagram and reality

What happens when your ski and river guiding partner isn't able to work during the pandemic?

Outdoorsy people always have the best stories about dating. Some of them are wild enough to make national headlines.

As a newcomer to Vermont, Joshua Morse found himself welcomed by the hunting community. But there was one thing he wasn't sure he could share.

Sometimes the best thing for a relationship is to let it go

You're taking the virus seriously, but someone in your household is still grabbing beers with buddies. Here's how to handle it.

Adventures take a lot of planning. But what if all that stress means you don't go at all?

Any outdoorsperson on your list is sure to love these

Hint: it's about introducing just the right amount of chaos

What to do about a friend who's uptight about splitting expenses and a date who's uptight about bodily functions

Sometimes, able-bodied partners need to be sat down

The risks and rewards of being (literally and figuratively) out in the wilderness

Plus, should you take someone else's spot in a race if you know you won't finish?

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