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Satya Yoga, the nation's first yoga teacher training program for people of color, is trying to change who's leading yoga classes—which will also affect who participates

Get off-trail just a couple hours' drive from Denver and the Front Range

With 43,000 feet of elevation gain, 91 miles above 10,000 feet, and 63 summits, the route is not to be taken lightly. Brendan Leonard recounts one of his favorite adventures from the past decade.

With the airline industry struggling because of COVID-19, summer, fall, and winter plane fares to adventure destinations are hitting unprecedented lows. Airlines are also offering free change and cancellation fees. Should you hop on these deals now or wait and see? We consulted industry experts to find out—and rounded up some of the best fares out there.

The No Man's Land Film Festival is an annual celebration of women-identified experience in the outdoors

What we're most excited about for the upcoming season

The gearmaker's new Denver retail store is now lending ski and snowboard apparel in partnership with Awayco

The founder of the industry's biggest ski show is acquiring public-facing expos in Denver and Boston

These locals-only mountains might not have fancy spas or heated lifts, but they all sell affordable tickets and have hostels and cheap hotels nearby

From troubleshooting an active engine light to naming that mountain in the distance, download these tools for a fun, stress-free road trip

It’s a lot of travel for little reward

After two deaths and a shift in the conversation in Colorado, advocates are cautiously optimistic that change is coming

Five breeds that fit your lifestyle—and your condo

Presenting America’s new adventure capitals

The company's founder says the key to brick-and-mortar success in the age of Amazon is creating community

A recent World Cup in Denver blew all expectations and leads the way toward the 2026 Winter Games

New gear that doesn't cost a month's rent

First looks, analysis, and interviews, all delivered from our team at Winter OR

Icelantic Skis, a boutique company in Colorado, wasn't profitable a few years ago. Then Annelise Loevlie became the CEO, and things changed.

Floods of people coming out of the city looking to save have positioned the suburbs for renewal

Parent company VF will also bring Eagle Creek, Altra, and JanSport to its new Colorado headquarters

We spent five days reporting from the floor of Denver's massive outdoor-gear trade show. Here are the top stories.

Humor isn't something you're born with—it takes work

When you take former sex-trafficking victims into the wilderness for a few days of roughing it, know this: they’ve seen worse. Florence Williams goes on a trip organized by Atlanta-based She Is Able and learns that one size of adventure therapy does not fit all.

You can take the Outdoor Retailer trade show out of Salt Lake, but you can't take the Salt Lake blues out of the show

Brands, activists, and politicians gathered at the start of the Outdoor Retailer trade show to rally around public lands

The industry has moved its trade show, but not its stance on diversity

Chefs are infusing more than just sweets into cannabis. High-end cannabis dining is coming to a ski town near you.

Make the most of the season with strategies from pros, killer deals on passes, and skier-friendly hotels

Big-wall climber Quinn Brett fell 100 feet while climbing El Capitan. Now paralyzed, she thinks back to her accident and reimagines her future.

There's a new breed of low-cost lodging that's custom-made for getting into the wild

In the Five Points area of Denver, there's a small bike shop called Chocolate Spokes with owner Gregory Crichlow who's been building bikes from the frame up.

Memorable lives combine tough choices, an adventurous spirit, hard work, and luck—and who knows where any of it comes from? For our writer, the wellspring was a Colorado spread that she was barely able to buy in 1993. It became her escape from a violent childhood and the magical ground that changed her life.

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