Dialed and ready for big loads, these bags will help you keep the pace

Keeping tabs on training and health has never been this seamless

These timepieces are ready to get down to business

Like always, Apple made important upgrades to its new device. The 12 Pro Max, which launches in November, will be even better.

These buds made it into our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide in our list of the best audio gear. They’re lightweight and have a cord that clips to your shirt to stay in place. The sound quality is “faithful to your favorite tracks,” our tester says, but be aware—the buds…

It keeps your mobile device accessible and in place on paved and dirt roads alike

Whether you're hunting, bird-watching, or visiting a national park, the six-ounce Kestrel Glassing Systems Monopod will drastically improve your experience

Science says the HoverGlide reduces vertical forces by more than 80 percent. But what does it actually feel like?

From iconic brands like Patagonia to that indispensable camping store in your hometown, the adventure economy has taken an unprecedented hit. The good news: the people who created these businesses are doers, and they're putting everything they've got into staying afloat and preparing for an uncertain future.

The company's brand-new SB115 evolved from its super-capable SB100 cross-country model. The latest rendition is even more versatile and well suited to being an everyday trail bike for many.

When COVID-19 hit, designers at DPS Skis viewed the pandemic as a way to pivot and do something impactful for health care workers

Rose Marcario was one of the most vocal and progressive leaders in the outdoor industry

It's a strange time in the world of bicycles. That's one reason we chose two favorite road rigs: one for pavement and one for gravel.

Tim Fish talks about gaining design inspiration from unexpected places

John Cordoba thinks the future of bikes—and bike racing—includes e-bikes

Timepieces that check all the boxes

Meet Robb Jankura, bike builder turned camera-gear designer

Trail machines are more versatile than ever

Jessica Rogers and her team make some of our favorite trail-running gear

Hardware to help you maximize your workouts

We caught up with Scarpa's climbing shoe category manager Heinz Mariacher to talk about what's next

Our testers loved how playful Revel's Rascal was and how it provided confidence in any terrain

This category is coming for your road bike

Grow your own delicious herbs easily with this all-in-one kit. Our digital managing director, Abigail Wise, loves her AeroGarden because she always has fresh herbs at the ready for cooking. The low-effort system comes with a grow light that operates on a timer, so all you have to do is…

Technological advances and a growing line of research have paved the way for a new class of support systems that are comfortable, look good, and fit a wide(r) variety of bodies.

Advances in technologies have ushered in a new era for the world’s most important piece of sports equipment

It has everything to do with odor control

In our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide, the Inspire HR Fitness Tracker was one of our favorite pieces of wearable tech. The touchscreen watch has 24/7 activity and sleep tracking, guided workouts, and VO2 max measurement. Plus, it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters, so you can track swimming as well.

In our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide, these solar string lights topped the lighting list. MPowerd’s 100-lumen LEDs will shine for eight hours on high or 20 on its lowest setting and are ideal for car-camping. The best part: it’s solar-powered, so you can leave it in the sun during…

Sometimes smartphone cameras don’t cut it. Upgrade that special mother in your life to the Coolpix B600, which features 60x optical zoom, full HD video, and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for sharing photos. The controls are simple, so she can get shooting right out of the box.

She escaped the Nazis, stuck it to the men, turned the outdoor industry on its head, and made us laugh. All while seeking perfection.

A new electric-motorcycle company is raising the off-road standard

We recommend this pack for the remote worker. The 20-liter Wayfinder is a versatile everyday pack made from durable ripstop nylon. Plus, the pack as all the tech features you need for work travel like cord organizers and padded laptop sleeves.

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