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We’ll be combing the site for the steepest discounts, so you don’t have to

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We'll be combing the site for the steepest discounts, so you don't have to

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The new Lytro Camera means you may never have to focus again.

From micro point-and-shoots to DSLRs to a full-on 3-D helmet cam, our eight picks of the season, including the Leica V-Lux 30.

From micro point-and-shoots to DSLRs to a full-on 3-D helmet cam, our eight picks of the season, including the GoPro 3D Hero.

DOUBLES AS A PHOTO ALBUM Sony has recognized the way people use digital cameras today—to show pictures, not just take them—and created a model well suited to the task. The DSC-N2 records each photo twice—once to the memory card and once, at a lower resolution, to an internal 26MB memory.

Why It’s CoolGot an existing arsenal of Nikon lenses? The 6.1-megapixel D100 will accept them all. » It can fire at 1/4,000 of a second to capture true stop-action pictures. » If you can’t find a power receptacle for the removable, rechargeable battery pack, the D100 will accept standard AA’s.

Before you cry sticker shock, consider this: The 5D’s 12.8-megapixel sensor puts it among the very best digital SLRs available, and last year a comparable resolution would have set you back twice as much. Unlike most D-SLRs, the 5D sports a full-frame sensor that’s the same size as traditional…

Why It’s CoolThe Z1’s silver plastic body oozes style—and garners envious looks on the trail. That said, the beauty is beyond skin-deep. » At its highest resolution, the 3.2-megapixel Z1 will reel off five frames in less than five seconds. And when I took lower-res shots of a friend mountain-biking,…

LUXURY FOR LUDDITES Why go back to manual controls in an age of whiz-bang do-everything automatics? Two words: speed and creativity. The 7.5-megapixel Digilux 3 is pricey, but after a few days of street shooting, we found the perfectly-placed controls let us manually frame and expose shots just as fast…

Why It’s CoolIt’s tough, for one thing, owing to its magnesium body. But it’s also smart, with a 28-200mm SLR-equivalent Carl Zeiss zoom that’s very bright and supersharp. » You can start firing within a second of powering up—and we’re talking full-size eight-megapixel shots at a screaming 2.6 frames a…

Value never looked so good. The D50 puts a pro-quality digital SLR in reach of ambitious amateurs who want to move beyond snapshots—without shelling out more than they paid for their first car. With the ability to swap out lenses and go manual, it allows utmost creativity. And cutting-edge…

We love the actual physical control dial and gas-gauge-style memory and battery indicators up top of this 12.2-meg digicam, but its wide 24mm lens, ultrabright, three-inch active-matrix OLED display, and HD video are the real sells.…

SIMPLE YET SOPHISTICATED Power low? The A710 can run on regular old AA batteries, which means—if you scrounge around someone’s pack or raid your headlamp—you should never miss a summit shot again. And stop showing your friends fuzzy wildlife shots: Because the A710 has a 6x zoom lens and the…

Why It’s CoolFive-by-sevens printed up at near-35mm-film quality, which is a real testament not just to electronics but to the quality of the f/2.8 lens. The bonus here is a 27mm-equivalent wide-angle, which is great for shooting landscapes, and a 110mm-equivalent 4x optical zoom. » The videocam-style swiveling LCD preview…

Sony’s 7.2-megapixel DSC-V3 nabs Gear of the Year by combining the soul of a pro-level SLR with silicon guts capable of punching out truly tack-sharp images. Thanks to a blindingly fast processor, you won’t have to forfeit now-or-never moments to “shutter lag”—that maddening pause between hitting the button and nailing…

Why It’s CoolThe overall package is tiny, but the EX-S3’s generous two-inch LCD screen makes framing and viewing shots a cinch. » At truly pocket-size dimensions and weighing just a hair under four ounces, the 3.2-megapixel Casio is worth taking everywhere; I found myself constantly popping off candids, like the…

1. A paradigm-shifting camera, the D3 has a new sensor with incredible low-light sensitivity that, with a high-speed shooting rate (nine frames per second) and a new autofocus system that locks on to moving subjects like glue, can make images that were literally impossible to capture before now.

1. Hi-res still camera and hi-def videocam. Sure, digicams can shoot video. But not like this. Video is recorded through high-quality interchangeable lenses on a full-frame 35mm sensor, providing the type of manual focus and other controls previously available only to Hollywood DOPs. Stunning. And the .mov format makes…

WEATHER BEATERThe Stylus 500 is one of the only cameras out there equipped to handle a downpour: I shot supercrisp photos along B.C.’s Howe Sound Crest trail in rain that would have fried most digis faster than you can say “one-year warranty.” The secret? Tiny rubber gaskets within the all-metal…

Shots in the Dark It’s no secret that Nikon’s 12.3MP D300s (an HD-video-enabled update on their popular D300) and the Canon 7D go head to head in the prosumer DSLR category, but the two companies took different tacks in their designs. The D300s favors the still photographer, with a zippy…

LITTLE PARTY ANIMAL The T2 is as much fashion accessory as camera. The all-metal design has a nonprotruding 3x zoom and a 2.7-inch touchscreen that all but eliminates the need for external buttons. In a word, sleek. Pull it out at a soiree—as we did with our lime-green test unit—and…

Trust us: It’ll make you a better photographer. The simple, intuitive M8.2 demands that you actually turn the aperture ring and shutter-speed dial manually, not just fondle screens. Luddite madness? Or a call for patience and thoughtfulness? The latter, no question. After days of shooting in Vancouver,…

Super-zoom digicams have come into their own. Check out the ten-meg 565’s specs: RAW shooting, exposure lock, built-in image stabilization to reduce image blur, a 20x zoom that stretches from 26mm to a ridiculous 520mm, to name just a few of its SLR-like capabilities. Over a week in Mexico,…

DAY TRIPPERCanon engineered this 7.1-megapixel, brushed-aluminum jobbie for road warriors. Why? Its retractable, extra-wide, 28–100mm (film equivalent) zoom lens nails broad outdoor landscapes. In Punta de Mita, Mexico, I immortalized sweeping beach vistas—from the locals slicing open fresh coconuts under palapas to the surfers riding the point break—that…

Ansel in Your Pocket The design-conscious Germans didn’t invent the category of full-featured, full-sensor compact (that honor probably goes to Sigma, for last year’s DP2). But they do it better than anyone. The 12.2MP X1 uses a top-of-the-line CMOS sensor and a fixed 36mm f/2.8 lens of the first order,…

PRO SPECS, AMATEUR PRICE Need proof that technology trickles down? Just a couple of years ago, the 40D’s impressive features—10.1 megs, 6.5-frames-per-second shooting, self-cleaning sensor, nine-point autofocus system—would have set you back a few grand. Despite all that, this camera’s best asset is actually Canon’s latest DIGIC III image-processing engine.

Why It’s CoolGenerally speaking, the more you zoom, the less light you pull into the barrel. But Panasonic teamed up with Leica to get fab glass and the equivalent of a 35-420mm lens with a bright f/2.8 rating throughout the range. Translation: tripod-free, full-zoom shots in low-light conditions. » Action…

The LX3 has ended up in the pocket of more than a few pros we know. Why? For starters, it has a hi-res 10.1-meg sensor, can shoot RAW files—the best format for creative post-processing—like a DSLR, and features a tack-sharp Leica lens that zooms out to an ultrawide 24mm…

THE BIG EASYWithin its minimalist design, the 5.1-megapixel R707 packs some sophisticated imaging features. The adaptive light setting helped bring out foreground details in tough-to-expose backlit situations. To wit: I nailed the “Hell, yeah!” expressions of my climbing buddies at the foot of a wall in Skaha Bluffs, B.C.—a detail…

Less Is More The war for more megapixels is over. In the G11, Canon actually drops to a 10MP sensor from the 14.7MP sensor in this camera’s predecessor, the G10. But don’t call it a retreat. No quality is lost—the new sensor presents a clearer picture, even in low light.

GOOD WITH FACES For photographing family, friends, or a mob of dirtbags, the S12 is a beautifully simple solution. It boasts a 12-meg sensor, a sharp 3x zoom, and an advanced movie mode, but its best feature is a face-recognition function that detects as many as 15 unruly mugs and…

With its integrated lens and extensive exposure-control features, the R1 straddles the fence between point-and-shoot and D-SLR. The 10.3-megapixel sensor produces images to rival any top-end SLR, yet with the built-in lens (not interchangeable) the R1 is surprisingly light by SLR standards; it weighs just 37 ounces. And make…

Like the podium-topping Canon, the D90 shoots photos and HD video, but at less than one-third the price. Consider it the Corvette to Canon’s Lamborghini—i.e., it’s not the most luxurious, but it’s still one very sweet machine: 4.5-frames-per-second shooting, a 12.3-meg sensor, and a best-in-the-industry, super-hi-res three-inch LCD screen.