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We bet you've never heard of some of these dog breeds

Keeping your dog safe on the water is easy. Designing PFDs for canines is hard.

There are far better ways to deal with your shit.

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Take the plunge and explore dog-friendly fun in and on the water

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Adventures are always better with man’s best friend by your side

We love our dogs as much as we love the outdoors

A new study found that humans are terrible at reading canine body language. But with the help of a few experts, you can learn.

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Dogs join their humans in all kinds of outdoor pursuits. Shouldn’t they fuel the same way we do?

My dogs love every run, with no goals, measurements or expectations. I need that right now.

Editor Adam Roy explains why his ultralight four-legged friend is the ideal backpacking companion

Expert advice on keeping your pup calm, safe, and happy in the car

We let dogs out to run. We should do the same for ourselves.

We all know that leaving dog feces on the trail is bad form. One editor argues that leaving turd bags behind is worse.

Photographer Olivia Bee spent last winter with mushing teams in western Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and Alaska

Café Huskies in Svalbard sells coffee, baked goods, and local art—all while local dogs roam the shop

This equipment will keep your four-legged spotter safe while you’re on the wall

One man’s quixotic journey into vehicle safety for dogs

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Plus, how to keep your pup fueled and energized for every outing

For 38 months, Rowlf brought love, slow meandering walks, and dog ice cream cones into writer Brendan Leonard's life. And now Rowlf is gone.

Teach these to your dog, and both of you will be safer and happier outdoors

Thanks to a lot of hard work, skill, luck, and love, these amazing animals emerged safely from the flames and disruption

Keep your pup safe and stylish on the trail with these seven accessories

A study of 20,000 pure breeds and mutts rules out breeding as a major determining factor in a dog’s personality

Our furry friends are the best of adventure playmates. But they can also provide pure, unconditional love that gets us through the darkest times.

Rattlesnakes bite 150,000 pets each year in the U.S. These innovative rattlesnake training courses could save you and your canine companion.

The Olympic snowboarder is focusing on resting, hanging out with her miniature Aussie, and raising money for charity through a new initiative with Purina Pro Plan

Replacing your lawn with synthetic grass reduces maintenance, eliminates mud, and can make cleaning up after your dogs a breeze

Thirteen days and nine hours after she and her team started their 1,000-mile trek through the Alaskan wilderness, the 24-year-old Inupiaq musher drove her sled to the finish line

Last year, Annette McGivney lost her beloved yellow Lab, Sunny, and was overwhelmed by sadness. Since then she’s built a new life with a challenging rescue dog, and she’s learned a lot about the healing power of human and animal bonds.

Life isn’t so ruff when you can sleep in a bed as comfy as this one

Outside’s ethics guru on how to be both a responsible pet owner and an environmental steward

The messed up rugs, destroyed childhood mementos, and complicated travel plans? Completely worth it.

Watching your dog age is one of the hardest parts of having a pet. Make their life comfortable and full of joy, and they’ll know how much you love them until the very end.

Hikers rescue stranded dog on Pico de Orizaba, Mikaela Shiffrin ties World Cup wins record, New Zealand MP bikes to childbirth

Experts break down the ADA laws surrounding service dogs and emotional support animals at races

How to balance freedom and adventure with safety and security

These five documentaries from the famed mountain film festival feature everything from daring ski descents to an adorable Alaskan husky

From adventurous sled dogs to aging golden retrievers, online canines make millions of people feel good about their day

Common mistakes you’re probably making when your best friend takes off, and what to do next time

In an excerpt from his new book, ‘Truffle Hound,’ Outside contributor Rowan Jacobsen details how the state is developing a thriving culinary culture around its overlooked native tubers

After taking a cue from ‘My Morning Routine,’ an Outside contributor discovered an extra hour in her day

When my yellow Lab died last spring, I was flattened by an overwhelming sadness that’s with me still. And that’s normal, experts say, because losing a pet is often one of the hardest yet least acknowledged traumas we’ll ever face.

Doesn’t your dog deserve the best?

In 1960, John Steinbeck set out on a cross-country adventure with his standard poodle, Charley. More than half a century later, writer Kristin Wong did the same thing with her dog—and learned an unexpected lesson about the pain of uncertainty.

“Is it your interpretation that I am taking you for your walk, or would you say that you are taking me for my walk?”

When it comes to safety, training, and exercise, gadgets and apps can’t beat old fashioned consistency and patience

One team of sled dogs. Twenty tested toys. Three standouts.

If you can get past the lack of creature comforts, spending a night outside might be one of the most rewarding things you do

Vehicle seats are not designed to resist the force dogs or other cargo create during a crash, endangering not only their lives, but those of human occupants, too

Pet adoptions spiked during the pandemic. Now is the time to change outdoor dog culture for the benefit of people, public lands, wildlife, and the dogs themselves. 

Equip your best friend for camping out

From miles of accessible trails to nearby boarding services to dog safety, these are the best (and worst) parks to visit with your best friend

Everything you need to make the most of the very best season with your very best friend

It might seem embarrassing at first, but putting a costume on your dog will likely result in more pets for him and more laughs for you

Outside’s ethics guru on who public lands are for

As our dogs age, we worry about their comfort and happiness, but take them to their favorite place and they suddenly seem young again

This bag is made from 40-denier ripstop nylon with synthetic insulation that’s rated to 30 degrees. Tester Graham Averill says his DoggyBag has held up to ritualistic circling and scratching from his dog, Rocket, until the pup finds just the right spot to sleep. “After he settles down, it’s easy…

Pups don’t need sunglasses, but certain dogs “could benefit from dog goggles, or Doggles, because of the decreased UV exposure,” contributor Jade Kolker explained in 2014. “They’ve become a regular fixture on family adventures when my dog sticks his head out the window on the way to…

Rumpl teamed up with Loki the Wolfdog to create this portable bed. Its self-inflating sleeping pad gives your pup two inches of cushion, and is wrapped in a recycled poly face with a reversible fleece side for warmth. Columnist Wes Siler spent five days camping with Loki and…

Skijoring—getting pulled by a dog while you’re wearing skis—with pair of cross-country skis is a little less intense, and it’s a great way to get outside with your pup during cold and snowy winter days. Ruffwear’s system combines two harnesses: one for you and one for your dog, with a…

This dog coat from Ultra Paws is more practical than most because it’s designed with reflective lines, so your pup is more visible if you’re walking or running at night. It has a waterproof polyester outer shell to shed water, which we found handy on wet walks. The coat also…

We included this handy bag in our roundup of the best dog gear of 2020. “This take on the rubber poop-bag dispenser looks like a miniature backpack, and can hold treats, keys, and a cellphone to keep hands free for ear scratches,” wrote tester Abbey Gingras.

Expanding your community is always tough. Throw in a pandemic and a move to a rural area, and it could feel impossible. But a shift in perspective might be all you need to (safely) fill that social void.

The Department of Transportation has finally reclassified emotional support animals as pets. Here's how that will affect your ability to fly with your dog next year. 

The legendary skier's latest project since retiring is an Amazon series called 'The Pack.' It's the perfect lighthearted binge to get you through the pandemic holidays.

Here are the best human- and dog-tested accessories that make running trails together easy, comfortable, and fun.

As summer gives way to fall, these are the items that our staff has been reaching for time and again

There are hundreds of scenic trails for you and your BFF to explore together

The ins and outs of keeping Fido safe, comfortable, and happy while on the go

Fur, dingleberries, and dog claws are no match for a Harbor Freight moving blanket

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