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From green trucks and biodegradable garments to thinner and warmer wetsuits and on-demand insurance for athletes

From drone pilot Vadim Sherbakov, 'Islandia' is a tribute to Iceland's natural beauty and unparalleled aesthetic

Thanks to drone footage, we now know how often sharks are close to us in the ocean

'Hypnopompia' is a dreamlike timelapse from Eaglewood Films that features Latvia's mires

'Element' documents the relationship between water and land through the lens of filmmaker Vadim Sherbakov

Brian Grubb and his team of drone pilots as they push the boundaries of drone-powered recreation

On a solo weekend hike through the Basque Country, drone filmmaker Jonathan Ninnin shot this short 'Wild Lands' on his DJI Mavic Pro 2.

After falling off a 100-foot cliff and surviving for 36 hours high on the mountain, Scottish climber Rick Allen was found alive.

Tools to capture your most cinematic adventures

Norway: A Visual Journey from the filmmakers at The Road West Traveled is a drone film from their trip to Norway​​​​​​​.

From filmmaker Marko Roth, Together is a travel film from his trip 1,200-mile journey through Patagonia. 

From landscape filmmaker Jay Worsley, Ethos features some incredible drone footage from Arizona, California, and Oregon.

These foundational principles are more than 50 years old. We have three suggested updates for 2018.

The once dominant action sports company is beginning 2018 with some major changes

Drone pilot Hamza Mujtaba travels across the world to capture scenic landscapes and dramatic vistas. In this film Slovenia, he documents a journey he took to the wild nation he named the film after. 

Edge of the light is a drone film from professional photographers at Ozzo Photography. On a recent trip they set out to capture the northern lights dancing over Iceland's waterfalls.

When the filmmakers at Untold Skies arrived in Iceland they mad a meticulously planned out schedule and dozens pre-planned shots. After landing at the Keflavik airport, surging winds and storms threatened to dismantle their entire journey.

This wasn't filmmaker Jesse Yang's first time in Iceland, but it was his first solo trip. On a backpacking trip with friends, he vowed to return in an attempt to illustrate how majestic this place truly is.

Filmmaker Arvids Baranovs of Eaglewood Films loaded up his family of four and headed to the Portugal coast. In search of some finer weather than early spring in Latvia can provide, they caught a glimpse of solitude on the mainland Europe's western region.

From Wesley Versteeg of VIP3Rmedia, Serenity is a drone film that features stunning landscapes in Iceland.

When filmmakers CreateOne Films wanted to visit Norway they knew it needed to be filmed from above, so they brought out their DJI Mavic Pro to capture the essence of the landscape.

Filmmaker and photographer Jiro Bosma on the stark beauty of Lanzarote, a Spanish island off the coast of Morocco.

A built out Mitsubishi truck designed by the Top Gear hosts.

Nail the shot, anywhere, anytime

Filmmaker Mike Olbinski spent weeks traveling in an RV in Oregon to capture the images for this film 'Mist and Water'.

Upon a closer examination, wildlife interacts with the world in a fascinating and complex way.

High in the mountains of Europe, Josh Cowan traveled over alpine peaks and through many countries to make this film.

It takes a certain kind of person to willingly stand outside in -20-degree temperatures.

To say filmmaker Vadim Sherbakov is in love with his DJI Phantom 3 Pro is an understatement. It has traveled with him across the globe and back.

The decision is pretty simple, really. The UAV is tiny, has a powerful camera and obstacle-avoidance features, and is easy to fly.

When Jay Worsley got his brand new DJI Inspire Pro, he knew he had to test its limits. So he booked a ticket to Oregon and drove the coast in search of ocean landscapes.

The action-cam maker says it's fixed the problem that had some Karmas suddenly plunging to the ground

The Flir Duo captures thermal images so rescuers can locate hikers, skiers, or anyone else who might have gotten stranded outside at night

Filmmaker Jonathan Scott acknowledges how hard it is to find true stillness. However, in Iceland that can be found.

Filmmaker Kurt Moser teamed up with fellow colleagues Thomas Worndle and Cecilia Miribung for this incredible footage of the Dolomites.

The recall is a PR nightmare. The question is: How badly will it hurt the company?

The action-cam maker has faced dismal stock prices and tough competition. Will this recall of its marquee product be the end of the brand?

Often confused with the set from Avatar, Zhangjiajie National Park offers the world's most extensive limestone pillars.

All the products released Monday move the action-camera market forward. Could GoPro have gone even further? Sure. But the new Hero5 Black is the best POV camera to date, and the drone one of the most capable we've ever flown.

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