As the pandemic continues to surge and major races are canceled, we can return to running for its own sake

Last year the jackpot was $311,652. Watching ice melt just got really interesting.

Portuguese big-wave surfer Alex Botelho nearly drowned at the inaugural Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge

The No Man's Land Film Festival is an annual celebration of women-identified experience in the outdoors

Featuring fat bears, Pattie Gonia, a very good boy, and more

With so much to do and see, you'll forget you have a race to run

Which mega-pass to buy to make the most of this season and more

1,500 customers will receive annual America the Beautiful passes at the brand’s retail locations

The founder of the industry's biggest ski show is acquiring public-facing expos in Denver and Boston

The law will soon mandate equal pay for men and women in athletic events on California state lands. But legislators may have missed an opportunity to make broader inroads on gender equity in sports.

Has Governor Gavin Newsom done a bad job managing the wildfires? Should he invest in "cleaning" the forest? We've got answers.

The American Cornhole League wants to turn a game that's typically played with one hand holding a beer—and possibly named for an indecent part of the human body—into an international spectator sport

If you cheat in a virtual bike race, should you suffer IRL consequences?

Catch the great southerly migration with North America's top birding enthusiasts

These experiences will help you connect to the land while respecting the indigenous cultures that have long inhabited it

As delegates for the UN's Climate Action Summit convene in New York, the real leaders are the young people pushing for climate justice in the streets

Because demoing bikes and gear, exploring great locations, and celebrating afterward with new friends, craft beer, and music is way more fun than riding alone

Yes, raw speed helps. But it isn’t everything.

Two years ago, a massive river of mud and granite swept over thousands of feet of alpine terrain, killing eight hikers before swamping the alpine village of Bondo, Switzerland. This type of disaster is often fueled by climate change, and it will happen again.

We’ve partnered with Portland, Oregon’s Pickathon Music Festival to showcase some of the year’s best new music

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