Outside's been around for over 40 years. That's a lot of stories. We've rounded up our timeless favorites here—the tales and advice you can always count on.

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For two years, I logged nearly 70 snack varieties in a spreadsheet on my search for the perfect adventure snack

Some #vanlife upgrades are worth the money. Others are not.

In an excerpt from ‘In Search of Mycotopia,’ a new book about different communities exploring the multiple uses of fungi and mushrooms, the author goes foraging with William Padilla-Brown, a rising star in the mycological movement

We’ve been testing skis for decades. These are our all-time favorites for groomers, backcountry bowls, and everything in between.

And here’s how you can do it yourself at home, step-by-step

Take care of your waterproof soft goods with these expert tips

Know the risks, the terrain, and the gear you need before your maiden voyage into the backcountry

The Selk'bag is here to help you survive a pandemic winter

How does the 2021 Basecamp X measure up to #vanlife?

The Platypus GravityWorks 4.0 is the best filter of its kind

Keep warm this winter by harvesting fuel yourself

What to do when you're on an outdoor adventure and disaster strikes

It's the lightest backpacking meal—and one of the easiest and tastiest

This is the single finest example of a go-anywhere family wagon ever created

These maps are packed with information about current conditions. All you need to know is how to interpret them.

From a cult-favorite publisher launching a national-parks series to a Kevin Costner–narrated app, these five new releases are reinventing the traditional field guide

Wim Hof's teachings about breath work and the health benefits of cold plunges have attracted millions of followers who swear it has cured everything from depression to diabetes and makes them happier and stronger. Our writer traveled to Iceland (naturally) for a deep dive with the man and his methods.

The popular running lids can't always take the heat. These are the exceptions.

You can tell a lot about a person by the bike they ride

Flashlights have flooded the market. Here's how to choose the best one for you.

The ursine inhabitants of the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center test dozens of containers each year to see if they're worthy of bear-proof certification

Armenians and Turks have a long and hostile history that includes a genocide. On a cross-country journey in 2006, two young cyclists formed a bond that bridged this fraught past.

We asked a professional chef and a nutritionist to evaluate ten meals. Here's what rose to the top.

This pastoral stretch of the Southern Appalachian mountains in Virginia is packed with hiking, fishing, road biking, and other adventures—if you know where to look

A tale about two-wheeled island hopping in the midnight sun

The key is to go all out on the things you feel comfortable doing

The perfect DIY activity for car camping or even an evening in your own backyard

This expert advice will help you get out of a rut and take your skills to a new level

From Alabama to Wyoming, we found the best off-grid sites for chilling out, escaping the hordes, and finding adventure

You're never too old—or too good—to brush up on your technique

This three-move bodyweight routine is all you need to improve athletic ability

How the practice continues to comfort the former big-wall climber after a life-changing spinal injury

Researchers have identified an alarming lack of books about Black children in nature. Diversifying your bookshelf can help kids find themselves in literature—and the outdoors.

With stormchasing tours more popular than ever, our writer set out to discover why this risky pastime is once again taking off

From international hot spots to backyard breaks, here's where you’ll find the reigning women's world surf champ riding waves

A new school of social-media influencers are giving hunting a fresh and decidedly female face. Our writer joins two rising stars of “huntstagram” in the Arizona backcountry to chase mule deer for her first time—and see if she can stomach what it takes to be an omnivore.

A handful of apps are rebranding the menstrual cycle as a female athlete's untapped superpower. Here's what you need to know about them.

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