Our writer tests out a novel “natural performance enhancer”: breathing through your nose. It's harder than it sounds.

Build your balance with this essential workout—no beam necessary

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In a new column, Dr. Brian Cole answers readers' questions about over-the-counter meds and weak ankles

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This exercise routine from legend Robert Killian focuses on functional strength and mobility, you can do it almost anywhere, and little to no equipment is required

After a long day on the slopes, your body deserves a little après of its own

Journaling is for everyone, but especially athletes. Here are the two types of journals you should have and how to get started.

Helpful advice, like "break your fall with your elbows, tailbone, kneecaps, or face"

Expert advice to help you recover fast, stay injury-free, and have fun in the mountains

17 surprisingly easy steps to a happier, less strung-out life—starting with your vagus nerve

Hiking, running, and just living—here's one pair to rule them all

From camping with a $140 Walmart kit to building an adventure van on a budget, these were the Outside-produced videos that served you best

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The military is rethinking physical training and overhauling its classic fitness test. Think you have what it takes?

One of the best boulderers of the 1990s is climbing into her fifties

Cross-training is key for improving performance, recovery, and resilience, whether you're running on the road or on the trail

After a long day on the slopes, these 7 moves (which can be done at the bar) will help you recover and stay injury-free

These new training apps can craft customized routines based on your past performance. It’s almost like having an automated personal trainer. 

Outdoor athletes suck at squatting. Here's how to fix your form.

7 kettlebell exercises to up your strength and conditioning

And new research shows it may be one reason why women tear their ACLs more often than men

The world's most successful freeskier and Warren Miller film star says big-mountain fitness starts at home

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A modest proposal that, at the very least, will make your community better

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Flexible, strong hamstrings are happy hamstrings

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Alyx Walkinshaw from Railyard Fitness in Santa Fe shows us how to do seven of the best oblique exercises

This summer, get your kids off the couch and get swole

Up your game with these moves that translate to the vertical realm

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