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"I fell in love with cycling while watching the Tour each year with my father. When he was dying last summer, it became so much more than just the world's biggest bike race."

After losing her father to Alzheimer’s disease, one writer reflects on her relationship with grief and running—and the connections between the two

He wanted to be the best man he could be. This required some bold and questionable choices.

It’s finally time to take that beach vacation. You might as well post up right by the ocean.

Tips from a pro on how to keep your outdoor kitchen operating flawlessly

These gifts will add a touch of flair to his wardrobe

Bringing order to parental chaos is an uphill battle, but these products can help

Six items guaranteed to elevate your family’s next outdoor adventure

The newest collection of recipes from James Beard–nominated chef Sarah Glover is geared toward parents looking to improve their outdoor cooking game. We’ve included two of our favorite recipes from the book.

Choosing whether or not to have children can be difficult for many women. For Amelia Boone, an elite athletic career and her ongoing eating disorder recovery have made it even more complicated.

I study climate change, and my work left me depressed and suicidal. Then my dad got cancer.

Facebook is developing a new app for children, and advocates think it’s a terrible idea

From surfing the coast of Maine to exploring slot canyons in Utah, these adventures will make the whole family happy

Keep family adventures tantrum-free

The CEO of Scout Campers shares his story

In March, Emily Ford became the first woman to complete Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail in winter. She’s also become an unintentional ambassador of the outdoor industry’s quest for inclusivity.

They might not splurge on these items for themselves, so do it for them

Ambreen Tariq’s new children’s book tells the story of an immigrant family’s first camping trip and expands the canon of outdoor literature for kids

The life of Natalie Rines Terry, one of the country’s top ski instructors for 50 years

Hiking was in vogue in 2020, but COVID-19 closures decimated the thru-hiking ranks. What did prospective hikers do with their unexpected time back home?

The phone rang and it was our 18-year-old, Hatcher, who apparently took a hard spill while ripping laps on Eldora Mountain. Or so we think: he’s OK now, but he still has no idea what really happened.

After a long year of staying put during COVID-19, families are dreaming of spring breaks and summer vacations. But should you book that flight? Our experts weigh in.

Outside’s ethics guru on who public lands are for

Monica and Vince Strawbridge and their four children hiked the PCT in 2018 and the CDT in 2020. Now the family has begun the AT.

Proposed laws in more than two dozen states seek to exclude transgender youth from interscholastic sports, depriving them of community and confidence-building skills

And things got rocky fast. Our correspondent talks to Jennifer Miller about Colorado, misconceptions, and a mysterious type of footwear called “hiking sandals.”

After Sequoia Schmidt’s family was torn apart by climbing, her own desire to reach higher was born

Professional skiers Tessa Treadway and Izzy Lynch venture through the mountains to unload the weight of life

Lots of people say they hike to change their lives. For some, that starts by changing their love lives.

American kids are less likely to play in a youth sports league than ever before. But as 2020's surge in outdoor activities showed, we have a huge opportunity to get this generation moving again.

An ambitious new project is based on a straightforward and very attainable goal: to help kids spend as much time outdoors as they do in front of screens

A quality snow tube isn’t cheap, but my family has broken enough plastic sleds over the years to fill up our own landfill. So, it’s time to invest in a sturdy tube, like this beast that’s big enough to handle multiple pilots (50 inches across with a…

Kick it old school with this powder-hungry snowboard that was built to ride without bindings, just like the original prototypes back in the day. Stand on the grippy foot pads and use the nose leash to help steer down your local sledding hill. It performs best in…

Got a little ripper who lives for the pump track? Keep the stoke alive through winter with these plastic attachments that turn a Strider bike into a ski bike. My kids have outgrown their Striders, but my nephew loves the ski attachments to his bike.

I know what you’re thinking: a snow scooter? For adults? I actually got to try one of these out at a resort in Colorado one afternoon and I was shocked by how much fun I had. Learning how to ride these scooters is easy, and the whole…

Technically, this shovel is meant for avalanche recovery, but the fact that it breaks down into a size that you can slide into your backpack means you can carry it to the sledding hill and use it to build sick jumps at the bottom of a sledding…

One of the great joys of parenthood is nailing your kids with snowballs during winter. Show no mercy with this slingshot designed specifically for snowballs. It’s up to you as to how much ice content is in said snowball.

With the right clothing, tools, and toys, your family can be happy and comfortable out there anytime

In a year gone wrong, do this part of Christmas right

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