American kids are less likely to play in a youth sports league than ever before. But as 2020's surge in outdoor activities showed, we have a huge opportunity to get this generation moving again.

An ambitious new project is based on a straightforward and very attainable goal: to help kids spend as much time outdoors as they do in front of screens

Got a little ripper who lives for the pump track? Keep the stoke alive through winter with these plastic attachments that turn a Strider bike into a ski bike. My kids have outgrown their Striders, but my nephew loves the ski attachments to his bike.

I know what you’re thinking: a snow scooter? For adults? I actually got to try one of these out at a resort in Colorado one afternoon and I was shocked by how much fun I had. Learning how to ride these scooters is easy, and the whole…

Technically, this shovel is meant for avalanche recovery, but the fact that it breaks down into a size that you can slide into your backpack means you can carry it to the sledding hill and use it to build sick jumps at the bottom of a sledding…

One of the great joys of parenthood is nailing your kids with snowballs during winter. Show no mercy with this slingshot designed specifically for snowballs. It’s up to you as to how much ice content is in said snowball.

A quality snow tube isn’t cheap, but my family has broken enough plastic sleds over the years to fill up our own landfill. So, it’s time to invest in a sturdy tube, like this beast that’s big enough to handle multiple pilots (50 inches across with a…

Kick it old school with this powder-hungry snowboard that was built to ride without bindings, just like the original prototypes back in the day. Stand on the grippy foot pads and use the nose leash to help steer down your local sledding hill. It performs best in…

With the right clothing, tools, and toys, your family can be happy and comfortable out there anytime

In a year gone wrong, do this part of Christmas right

Expanding your community is always tough. Throw in a pandemic and a move to a rural area, and it could feel impossible. But a shift in perspective might be all you need to (safely) fill that social void.

More than 17 years ago, a successful Michigan attorney took his life on a cherished trout stream, devastating close friends and family. Haunted by what happened, his nephew investigated and discovered tragic truths that were in plain sight all along.

A new travel book offers an inspiring reminder of possibilities at a moment when we really need it

After devoting their spring to COVID-19 patients, two West Virginia brothers became the first identical twins to earn the triple crown of American hiking

As any child will tell you, smartwatches are one of the most popular items on holiday lists this year. Be careful what they wish for.

We explore the pros and cons of two relatively affordable options

He's put this gear through its paces, and now it's on sale

Have a feast, dine alfresco, and minimize your risk. Win-win-win.

A socially distant competition can be just the right amount of motivation

After centuries of coal mining, West Virginia looks to a new form of economic growth

Delicious meals can make extreme circumstances feel a little friendlier. These recipes from a backcountry chef are a good place to start.

The pandemic has robbed kids of vital socialization with friends—and put even more emphasis on the importance of spending time with them in nature. But what happens when your child is a nonstop yakker on the trail?

Feel safe and embrace your time outdoors alone

Work life got turned upside down this year, and many people are just thankful they have any job at all. But some companies have gone above and beyond to not just survive, but thrive.

This side-by-side will get you up the gnarliest roads on the planet, and it's scream-out-loud fun to drive

How young is too young for risk? During an Idaho river adventure that included her seven-year-old, Tracy Ross faced this question in the most harrowing way imaginable.

Maximize your child’s winter fun this season

Adventure photographer Chris Burkard's 'Unnur' is a gorgeous meditation on one Icelandic father's plan to raise his daughter (way, way) off the grid

It’s the perfect wilderness vehicle for children who are too small to get far on their own but too heavy to carry

In 'Two Trees Make a Forest,' environmental historian Jessica J. Lee offers a welcome disruption to the travel-memoir genre

Armenians and Turks have a long and hostile history that includes a genocide. On a cross-country journey in 2006, two young cyclists formed a bond that bridged this fraught past.

Given that most of us have stayed put for the past few months, the Outside staff came up with some exciting ways to make the most of being on the home front. Puppy, anyone?

Having fun on an overnight adventure with your kids is all about preparation

Forget working from home. Here's everything you need to stay connected from your vehicle or a trailhead.

Two friends abandoned promising careers to pursue a bold adventure. It went terribly wrong—but also right.

Researchers have identified an alarming lack of books about Black children in nature. Diversifying your bookshelf can help kids find themselves in literature—and the outdoors.

With at-home schooling the norm in many areas, we put together a P.E. plan for a full semester of fun and creative movement

This will be the best $10 you ever spend. Trust me.

Seven pieces that offer sun protection, breathability, and waterproofing—on and off the river

The ins and outs of staying clean (and safe) at camp

As RV rentals and purchases continue to skyrocket, these three startups are going beyond the basic rental scheme to be more on demand, millennial focused, and remote-work-friendly

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