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From Expedition Overland, 'How We Organize Our Medical Kit' shows the safety supplies these travelers bring on off-road adventures

A self-proclaimed "soft" writer tries to beef up his end-of-world skills during quarantine

COVID-19 is going to limit and slow relief—and increase the importance of personal preparedness

The American Mountain Guides Association published tips on how outdoor professionals can use "psychological first aid" to stay mentally healthy during these challenging times. But the advice is useful for all of us during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Be prepared for every obstacle, and save a ton of money by making your own equipment and learning how to fix your stuff when it breaks in the backcountry

When things go wrong on a ski tour, this is what you should have in your pack

A detailed list of what you need to treat common injuries and ailments

A wilderness medicine expert and former AT thru-hiker shares her tips for tackling a long-distance backpacking trip

What happens if your pup gets hurt on the trail?

Here's what you need to properly care for your injured pup

Wes Siler shows you how to address a flesh wound

From earthquakes to fires and floods, here are savings on the supplies you need to survive

Stay safe in the wilderness and shave down pack weight with this customizable setup

Safety is the number-one priority when in the backcountry. This kit contains crucial medical supplies like bandages, scissors, and Ibuprofen. …

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