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First Nations mountain bikers are discovering that good flow and cash flow are one and the same when you’ve got some of the world’s gnarliest trails

Introducing the 42-pound future of skateboarding, Fox Rio

A marathon swimmer's reenactment transports theatergoers to the middle of the Florida Straits

The Swedish car company has partnered with outdoor gear maker POC to make helmets that communicate with cars. The goal: to end collisions between bikes and drivers.

For those who like their coffee strong and their appliances even stronger

For one young chief, protecting his people means embracing ecotourism.

Who says you have to chose between land or water?

And all I got was this lousy online article

Think you're ready for the world's longest stand-up paddleboard race? We'll be the judge.

Nathan’s Zeal race vest packs a lot of hydration into one small, efficient must-have.

A new documentary chronicles one couple's summer project: building a 124-square-foot home and downsizing their lives to fit.

Despite the republic's best efforts to modernize, its legacy of trade and cultural expansion still lingers three centuries later

Diamondback jumps into the enduro game with a flashy 27.5 machine

People have been trying to build a better bike almost as long as people have been trying to build a better mousetrap. With the Denny, that quest may be over—at least when it comes to urban commuting.

Booze from the only country in the world that measures its progress by Gross Domestic Happiness.

Procrastinators are about to get the last laugh. Turns out you can save 10 to 40 percent if you book a hotel at the last minute through an app.

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