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Tenkara fly-fishing in Colorado with Daniel Galhardo

'Going Nocturnal' gives us a glimpse of the annual hatch of a giant mayfly and the large trout that emerge at night to feed on them

After Hurricane Joaquin devastated his home, flats fishing guide Elton McKinney was left to rebuild

'Una Razon para Pescar' follows Miami tarpon fisherman Dan Diez as he explores how the sport is woven into his blood

How a dog and a fly rod can be the perfect prescription

'Rising from the Ashes' follows the scientists studying the summer steelhead resurgence in Washington's Elwha River

From setting up a vise to gathering materials, here's everything you need to tie a basic fly

Gear to make landing lunkers easy, no shooting required

Jason Cajune is a second-generation boatman building wooden dories in Livingston, Montana

In 'The Art of the Mini Adventure,' mother-daughter combo Els and Pippa venture out for a microadventure near their home in Vermont

This film, from the Flylords, examines how the women who fish in Martha's Vineyard have rallied around their collective identity

When the mine closed in Questa, New Mexico, in 2014, the town found itself in the midst of an identity crisis

Why a lifelong outdoor adventurer couldn't resist the siren song of fairways and greens

'Where I Belong' tracks the affection for wilderness that environmental lobbyist Chris Hill has and what she's doing to defend it

Maxine McCormick is already a fly-fishing legend. But how can a 15-year-old make her way through a world dominated by retirees?

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