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Your hydration needs are as unique as your training schedule. Here are four picks for every kind of run.

A genre-defining trail bike is now even more versatile—and even more fun

The Garmin InReach Mini weighs only 3.5 ounces and operates like a full-size Garmin InReach. According to tester Andrew Skurka, “It retains the core InReach functionality (two-way messaging, location tracking, weather updates) in a package that is more portable.”…

You can run these off of gas, pellets, or wood. We tested each kind to see which worked best.

It’s time for shorts, bikes, and—waffles?

It might not be time to head out on a big excursion yet, but it's a great time to get inspired.

There’s more to puffy jackets than meets the eye

Favorites include fire pits, food, and coffee

It feels like you're wearing a pile of sleeping puppies, and the puppies are all dreaming about lambs

Not only do we love these items, but they might be hard to find in stock during the holidays

Each weekday starting on December 1, we'll be sharing one bomber gear deal that we think is worth snagging

These hand-blown tumblers feature a tiny rendering of Yosemite’s Half Dome. Whiskey Peaks also has versions of these glasses for Everest, Mount Fuji, Denali, and other iconic peaks. The set of two makes a classy addition to any home bar.

How does the 2021 Basecamp X measure up to #vanlife?

Keep the adventures going through the changing seasons with these smart staples

What was promoted as an innovative new online event has come to a halt as employees and contractors allege missed payments

There is a direct correlation between a successful adventure and the amount of food you bring with you

In a time when most of us are struggling with restricted access to the activities we love, I wanted to know if VR would help. What I found surprised me.

The company's brand-new SB115 evolved from its super-capable SB100 cross-country model. The latest rendition is even more versatile and well suited to being an everyday trail bike for many.

In his latest video for Backpacking TV, Eric Hanson breaks down what kind of shoe might be the right choice for your hiking style

Let these pieces spark some gift ideas for Father's Day

Gifts that any dad will be stoked to get on Father's Day

From camp grounds to house blends, these brewers can handle anything

What we learned from riding the best bikes of the year

Trash-compactor sacks are the most inexpensive way to keep your gear dry

We've been married 13 years and backpacked more than 12,000 miles together. This is what we've learned.

A sentimental look at the best piece of gear for hauling your child

Here are four items they keep coming back to

Layers are the secret to staying warm, dry, and comfortable outdoors. These are the best for every situation.

This simple cushion that rescued me on a long-haul flight has become my ultimate work-from-home hack

All that time in the sun and wind takes its toll. Be prepared with these moisturizers.

Sure, the latest Bose or Sony are great, but not if you're on a budget. Here's how three top-rated affordable headphone options stack up.

We sent six editors down a hill for a gear review

At just $40, the bamboo Countertop Composter is a bargain and will keep you from sending food waste to landfills

The Alpine Carbon Corks aren't cheap, but they're the best collapsible poles for rugged use

Sure, the latest Bose or Sony are great, but you can find good sound quality if you're on a budget. Here's how three top-rated affordable options stack up.

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