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Outside columnist Jakob Schiller picked the Peak Mission as his favorite pair of winter running gloves. “Patagonia wisely included a thin nylon mitten that folds out of the cuff and covers your fingers. It withstands chilly wind and provides warmth to keep you going when temperatures dip…

A technical kit is worth the investment—but you don’t have to spend a boatload

These gloves raised nearly $225,000 when they debuted on Kickstarter in 2016. Contributor Jakob Schiller is a big fan. “With a waxed and baked leather outer, waterproof-breathable membrane, and Thinsulate insulation, they’re great for frigid resort ski days while being breathable enough for long backcountry missions,” he wrote.

These gloves live in columnist Jakob Schiller’s car at all times. “The leather palm is tough enough for putting on chains or sawing wood but supple enough for riding a bike,” he wrote. “Wool on the back lets your hands breathe, and a wool lining inside keeps…

Whether you’re slinging a chainsaw, loading hay bales, or wielding a torch, durable workwear that fits well allows you to do your job better

We included the Wakayama in our 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best gloves. “The cowhide outer is treated with aniline oil for water resistance, and the wool lining is woven into loops like terry cloth, forming air pockets that trap warmth,” our tester wrote. “The…

This pair of mitts is built with Gore-Tex and PrimaLoft Gold, which provide excellent waterproofing and warmth. “The exterior is a mix of stretchy soft shell and supple goatskin, making it the nimblest mitten we tested,” wrote Winter Buyer’s Guide tester Dave Cox.

“Mittens are great, until you need to fish something out of your pack,” wrote our 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide tester Dave Cox. “That’s why we’re fans of the Maine Line, with its separate index finger for improved dexterity and no loss of warmth.”…

We included these gloves in our 2021 Winter Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best Nordic skiing gear. “Dexterity is key for efficient nordic technique. But off-piste, protection is, too,” wrote tester Marc Peruzzi. “With supple goat leather, offset finger seams, and windproof Gore-Tex, these Hestras deliver both.”…

These Kinco gloves aren’t anything fancy, but sometimes we think the simplest gear is the best gear. “The reinforced pigskin leather is tough, and the thermal lining is warm enough for most days on the slopes,” we wrote. We recommend adding a layer of Sno-Seal to the outer coating…

How to stay fueled and warm on the slopes without looking like a total nerd

The Bitterblaze made it into our 2019 list of favorite gloves for a reason: they’re out-of-this-world warm. Outdoor Research lined them with aerogel—the überwarm, porous silica insulation used by NASA in its space suits.

These were the warmest gloves in our 2021 Winter Buyer’s Guide test. “The Carbide deploys a Gore-Tex membrane beneath supple goat leather on the palm and back of the hand, and has a long cinchable cuff with an adjustable wristband to keep snow out,” wrote tester Dave Cox. Read the…

This pair has been my favorite for seven years and hundreds of ski days

The items we're using to stay outdoors—and keep cozy when we come in

Cycling gloves take the sting out of rough roads and trails, help with bar handling, and keep your hands comfortable if the weather gets chilly. In our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide, we especially liked Giro’s Riv’ette CS gloves because they are thin, light, and fitted so you barely notice…

Masks, slippers, and shackets—what else do you need?

Stay warm and get outside more during these colder months with smart gear picks

Not only do we use this stuff for 130 days every summer—we're not exactly nice to it in the process

Keep your hands toasty in below-freezing temps

Sussing out the best new skis meant four straight days of shredding. Here's some of what we wore to stay warm, safe, and comfortable.

Breathability and grip are the focus of the Air, both of which are key when you’re shredding singletrack. The upper is designed from a Lycra mesh that keeps things cool, while the palm benefits from sticky synthetic leather. Just don’t buy a pair expecting extra cushion, because there’s no padding…

These items kept our steeds moving and our riders happy

From protective equipment to hand sanitizer to donations, here's how gear producers are helping to slow the spread of the virus

Ensure your winter gloves last as long as possible with a little TLC

This magic fiber has been keeping humans warm for a very long time

If your hands get obscenely cold in the winter and you’d rather not think about them, these are the mittens you want. “Putting them on feels like taking a bubble bath and eating fresh chocolate-chip cookies and getting a hug from your crush at the same time,” wrote Blair Braverman…

Musher Blair Braverman tested 20 gloves and mittens head to head to find the warmest handwear that fits in your pocket

We love these slim-fitting gloves for outdoor winter workouts. The fleece provides a thin layer for those spring ski days when big gloves feel like overkill. The CloseFit is windproof and water-resistant, and all five fingers are touchscreen compatible.

The gear and knowledge you need to stay comfortable overnight in the snow

From wind-resistant undies to traction devices, build a kit to brave the cold this season

Can one pair of gloves be both thin and warm? I tried virtually everything out there until I found my perfect match in a pair from Hestras.

Nothing (well, except powder skiing) beats staying warm on a snowy trail

Cold hands, tired feet, and wet bottoms will ruin your ski day, so investing in quality gear for those areas is worth it

Running with a stroller is all well and good in the milder months, but it takes a little extra planning to pull off in winter

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