The company’s flagship camera has important updates, including higher quality footage and better image stabilization

The software update, which launched today, is almost identical to what GoPro touted months ago but has yet to deliver

The GoPro founder always keeps one of his cameras handy, even when he sleeps

For years, the action-cam maker insisted it wanted to become an entertainment company. Now it's back to focusing on a few core products—a strategy that is finally working

After a monthlong test, our writer came away optimistic about the technology's potential, though GoPro still has some kinks to iron out with the first edition

Rock climbers from around the world suffer under Patxi Usobiaga. But why?

Better learn Lanie Szuch's name, because you're about to start hearing it—a lot

11 products that professional photographer Chris Brinlee Jr. keeps in his camera bag at all times

Essentials to make the perfect Earth Day Instagram picture

The brand seems to have moved 360-degree cameras forward in a big way with the Fusion

The door handles are water bottles and the arm rest is a sleeping bag

The action-cam maker says it's fixed the problem that had some Karmas suddenly plunging to the ground

The Flir Duo captures thermal images so rescuers can locate hikers, skiers, or anyone else who might have gotten stranded outside at night

GoPro's Grip is an essential addition to your video kit

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