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Though Outside columnist Andrew Skurka loves the Garmin InReach Mini, the device’s bigger and older brother, the Explorer+, offers a few nice features at the cost of size and weight: a bigger color screen, more efficient button layout, better virtual keyboard, and longer-lasting battery.

How to build a system of equipment that will offer direction in wild landscapes

The gear and the skills you need to get home safely

With a new line of premium watches, Garmin aims upmarket

How does the new Mini compare to other satellite messengers—and is it the right backcountry communications device for you?

We've been using the new smartwatch for a week. Here's what we think.

One of the more time-consuming challenges of public-land Airstreaming? Locating good sites. This app helps.

Being able to call for help from his watch helped saved John Zilles, but will wearable tech be a help or burden to search and rescue?

Or, the greatest oversimplified explanation of how to navigate ever written

We break down the differences between various off-the-grid communication devices. Getting the right one could save your life.

Bringing the national parks to the 21st century

Meet the world's first GPS-enabled analog cycling computer

Turns out the navigation devices routinely overestimate distance traveled. Why that quirk hasn't—and won't—affect cyclists.

The $800 Forcite Alpine packs a 4K action cam, GPS, and accelerometer into its shell. You don't need all this tech in a snowsports lid. But do you want it?

Dithering: The intentional degrading of a satellite’s signal to discourage unauthorized use, which deterred citizens from tapping into the Department of Defense’s Global Positioning System, or GPS, for ten years.

New gear for more informed—and more fun—training

A flashlight, a fitness tracker, a GPS...the list goes on.

Pro athletes on the gear they want to unwrap this Saturday

Foil bike thieves while recording your commuting data.

Sometimes, technology can actually help you get off the grid.

Oakley partnered with Garmin to make the new Airwave 1.5 HUD goggle. We have to admit, it's pretty cool.

You're overworked, overstressed, and overconnected. But don't worry. We're here to help.

Landing easy money to pay for adventure is a thing of the past. Now athletes must perfect the art of low-cost, high-risk expeditions to access the world’s remotest corners, and young mountaineer Ed Farrelly is leading the charge.

Guess what? The grid is expanding and we predict in the next five years, you won't be able to unplug—even in the backcountry.

Nearly unlimited transit and trail data is coming to an app near you. And whether you're seeking singletrack or chasing a commuter train, that's a very big deal.

This new cycling GPS is so powerful and fully featured that it’s almost ahead of its time.

GPS locator SPOT launched in 2007—and has already notched 3,000 rescues

This titanium-body chronograph is the smallest, sharpest-looking personal beacon we’ve seen.

This traditional, dedicated GPS is user-friendly but fit for serious backcountry navigation

I’ve started using my mobile phone to view topo maps when on the mountain. What app would you recommend to look at them offline?

When it comes to holiday giving, you should never have to choose. This year, our editors have pulled together 68 perfect ideas—priced from $4 to $50,000—guaranteed to make anyone on your list feel like a million bucks.

Sharing powder shots, filming your friend's huck, and keeping in touch have never been easier with gadgets like Fujifilm's XP170 and the DeLorme InReach communicator.

Over the past five years, Google has taken its Street View maps to 43 countries, deploying cars, trikes, snowmobiles, and even a submersible to map 360-degree panoramas of the world around us. In June, the company announced a new initiative to bring the same seamless experience into the backcountry in a bid to create the world’s most amazing trail maps.

Outside reviews the the best gear of Outdoor Retailer, including the Pieps Global Finder.

I'm in the market for a new cell phone that will stand up to some rugged adventuring. Is it possible to find a device that will replace my GPS unit?

Outside reviews the best adventure gear for man’s best friend.

The Garmin GPSMAP 62s is a must-have item for outdoorsy men and women

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