From innovative new gravel bikes to a 13-speed drivetrain, these are the tools and toys that caught our eye in Monterey this week

The big-box retailer is trying to cater to cycling enthusiasts with a line of three new carbon rides. Will people buy them?

In a unique twist to online retail, this shop certifies pre-owned bikes and offers a guaranteed buy-back program

Performance machines to cheat wind, go off-road, or cover lots of ground

Sure, you can get your bike tuned or buy a spare tube. But at these shops, you can also order an espresso or IPA and find your community.

Probably. The good news is the culture of the sport—lauded for its grassroots, oddball vibe—will be defined by its community.

I committed to riding only one bike for all of 2018. Here’s how I did.

From slick racers to gravel grinders, these are the new rides that wowed our testers

One thousand cyclists from across the country compete in the 200-mile gravel bike race known as the Dirty Kanza.

In the Road Less Traveled series rider Ansel Dickey competes at the annual Rasputisa​​​​​​​ gravel cycling race.

As biking (and racing) on unpaved roads explodes in popularity, gear has changed in a way that's affecting the whole cycling industry—for the better

Top-end bicycles are higher tech and better than ever. But so are the budget models.

Will the recent acquisition of the Colorado-based mountain bike company be the death knell for the brand, or will it emerge stronger and more innovative than ever?

I put Trek's newest gravel bike to the test on a 180-mile bikepacking trip through the Sonoran Desert. Here's how it held up.

What’s old is new and sexy again with this steel all-road ride.

If I could own only one road bike, it would be this Swiss Army knife of a pavement machine

For pickups and vans, there's no better bike carrier

Trying to get your head around the growing number of models now built for both pavement and dirt? We break it down.

Rawland, a tiny company in the Pacific Northwest, is building the quirkiest, most entertaining bikes we've seen in a while

We’ve tested almost every saddle on the market. And this one is clearly at the top.

Meet the world's fastest gravel bike

Turns out Polartec rules the market when it comes to bike clothing made for weather that's all over the map

We predict lots of people will fall in love with this stainless-steel gravel bike, thanks to a smart design that allows users to customize the ride

More and more bike companies are selling road bikes built to be ridden on dirt roads. Are they marketing hype or the future of cycling?

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