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The popular running lids can't always take the heat. These are the exceptions.

The Vantage Point is a full mesh trucker that has more structure than your typical running hat, but it’s still built with crushable materials, so you can pack it away without ruining it. It dries fast and fits any head thanks to a snapback fit that has an extra elastic…

Running is simple, but the basics are important

Running with a stroller is all well and good in the milder months, but it takes a little extra planning to pull off in winter

You might think a down-puffy beanie is overkill, but it still made our list of favorite winter hats. “The Transcendent might be the warmest hat in your quiver thanks to the 650-fill down stuffed inside the ripstop poly shell,” wrote contributor Graham Averill.

20 pieces we'll be using on the mountain this winter

He's literally tested hundreds of hats, and this is his go-to

Stay cooler, prevent skin cancer

How I rediscovered the joy of trails and muddy shoes following a skin-cancer scare

At the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market last week, these five products costing less than $50 caught our eye with their affordable capability

Featured in our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide as one of the best pieces of sun protection gear, this hat is UPF 50+ and has a “generous four-inch brim that’s lined with black cotton fabric to cut glare and provide solid shade for your face, neck, and shoulders,” writes our…

Products we love, from camping utensils to a revamped Patagonia cap, all costing less than 50 bucks

From detailed designs to brands looking to make a social impact, these are the hats you can find us in all summer

Gear so capable, the trout will practically come to you

A 25 percent tax on bikes, helmets, gloves, and backpacks could hit the industry—and your wallet—hard

We love trucker hats for their sun-blocking prowess. But they’re often bulky and hard to stuff in a pack. The ball cap-style Horizon has a bill that folds down the middle into the size of a hotdog, fitting easily in a back pocket and, yes, a pack too.

Busting people for their style miscues is a beloved pastime in outdoor communities. But in the Instagram era, the practice has us sadly all dressing the same.

It seems like every week one of our writers praises the performance qualities of the Buff. Made from soft polyester microfiber, you can use it as a neck warmer, twist the ends together to make a hat, or even wear it as a bandana.

This hat is fully insulated, with fold-down earflaps and a Velcro chin strap. The brushed-microfiber outer fabric offers UPF 40 sun protection.

Don’t knock them until you try them. Made from down insulation and a DWR-coated nylon shell, the behind-the-head design helps the 180’s fit comfortably over your ears and can be worn with other headwear and head protection.

We don't get the day off from school anymore, but warm clothes and a few accessories can still make storms fun

Keep your hair dry and out of your face with this waterproof cap. The reflective logo increases your visibility during early-morning or nighttime runs.

The Carhartt Ear Flap Cap is a cold-weather essential

A worthy beanie keeps your dome warm, vents sweat, and doesn't look dorky

Here's hoping my well-informed list helps simplify your holiday shopping

Frozen dome? Try one of these.

It’s allegedly as strong as a typical cycling lid, but it looks like a baseball cap and squishes down to the size of a water bottle

Your new favorite fall adventuring hats

But be wary. Not all reef-safe sunscreens are created equal.

Protect yourself when playing outside

Yeah, I'm a sucker for the latest, greatest hardcore equipment, but this everyday stuff is invaluable

Plus dos and don’ts for scoring great deals on used equipment

How people who make a living playing outside protect themselves from sun, rain, and sweat

CEO Corinne Prevot, 27, turned a high school pet project into a full-blown business

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