From pasta makers to candy bars, these eight items have totally transformed how we get after it

Let the music play, wherever your workout takes you.

Good looking and totally customizable

For 16 grand, you can bring the orchestra to your living room

Some designs endure. And for good reason.

Earin buds are fully wireless so there’s no cord to tangle or accidentally yank out. Plus, they sound great.

Travel feels the most glamorous when you’re not physically traveling. So it follows that the nicest thing you could give someone is a way to escape the dreariness of airports, nonreclining seats, and sad airplane food.

Headphones: Any device used for playing music close to or within a wearer’s ears.

The future has arrived, and because it’s built to fit you perfectly, it’s not going anywhere

Kuai is wireless, and doesn’t need your phone to track your workout

Buy them if for no other reason than they’re pretty

Portable sound for the active lifestyle.

With so many new tools to track performance, choosing the right one is its own sport.

Stop using that beat-up suitcase—and pack your new luggage with these foolproof essentials

New gear for more informed—and more fun—training

Your pounding headache is no excuse to not get after it on the mountain.

Music to your ears, training for your heart

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