Injury Prevention


Rule number one for total physical fitness? Where your back goes, all else follows. Keep yours in top shape with our guide to strength, flexibility, and injury treatment.

Kick off the year by snuffing out stress, playing more, eating right, and keeping fit enough to nail any adventure.

To find your limits, you must go past them

We cull 25 years of the best of Outside's esteemed Bodywork section to bring you the best advice on terrain hucking, knee recuperation, injury prevention, and more.

Want an unbreakable superstructure? Building tough bones can be as easy as grabbing your skis and charging bumps all day long.

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I would love to jog, but my knees swell. Can I build stronger knees and, if so, how? Should I just hike and use a treadmill to get the se exercise effects and just forget about running? Kathryn Moundsville, Virginia

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I see plenty weight lifters in my local gym wearing lifting belts. Sure, they seem like a good idea, but do they actually work? Michael Mirolli Seattle, Washington

I get sunburned every time I go skiing. What SPF should I be looking for in my sunblock? Dian Goodspeed Albany, New York

Got insurance?: a bite will hurt but the evacuation cost is deadly. Q: I plan to sail around the world over the next three years. Can you recommend a good international insurance policy that covers emergency medical evacuations? — Mark Downing, Portland, Oregon…

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Your well-tailored fitness program may be missing something important—a regular massage. Here's our hands-on guide to the right rub.

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