The renowned videographer and photographer opens up about filming Alex Honnold's epic free solo climb, how he analyzes risk, and what it's like to be a social media kingpin

The godfather of alpinism shares his thoughts on his fallen comrade, taking risks on mountains, and how his perspective has changed with age

A Q&A with Hannah McCaughey, our creative director

The 92-year-old gear innovator, guide, and teacher has fished with everyone from Ernest Hemingway to Tom Brokaw to Yvon Chouinard to Fidel Castro

We went cliff diving and rock climbing with the stunt-person, athlete, and daredevil

The five elite athletes on the team share their first-descent plans and expedition concerns

Outside editor Chris Keyes sits down with TV's most adventurous anchor.

It's been said that all athletes die twice. Add to that: unless you're Lance Armstrong. In his first year away from cycling, the seven-time Tour de France winner has raised millions to fight cancer, hosted the ESPYs, become part owner of a cycling team, and trained—somewhat—for his first marathon. (All…

For December's “Still Out Front,” Outside editor Christopher Keyes sat down with seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong for a candid conversation about fundraising, politics, and his life post-cycling. Here, read more of Keyes's interview with Armstrong, where he talks about the temptation to make a comeback. OUTSIDE: I…

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