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From ballads inspired by outdoor adventures to neighborhood sing-alongs, the Okee Dokee Brothers' new album makes staying home with kids more fun

In an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many governments have cracked down on the world's most elemental sport

My grandpa served in the Army's tough-as-nails Tenth Mountain Division during World War II. After the war, soldiers from the Tenth pioneered the rambling mountain lifestyle I live today. Every year, I ski to remember him.

While reporting a story about skiing in Spain, Kade Krichko felt far away from the coronavirus, until he watched it take over

Italian students will soon be required to learn about global warming. American kids? Not so much.

I got my wife and daughter to love cycling—with a little help from Italy

You can soak and stay at these rad spots

A promise of sustainability helped the bid from Cortina-Milan beat out Stockholm for the right to host the Games

Because nothing beats a beer and a bite after a long day on the trail

Everything you need to know about the biggest downhill skiing races of the season

‘Silence of the Dolomites’ is from filmmaker Casper Rolsted who specializes in time-lapse photography.

The 33-year-old is next in line to be CEO of the company her great grandfather founded in 1928

During the 2018 California L'Eroica, Bike Snob NYC braved saddle sores and a single pizza-size gear on a century-old Mead Ranger—all in an attempt to prove that bike technology hasn't gotten that much better. Or to prove that, well, maybe it has.

After a day spent outside, there's nothing better than a superbly placed hot tub

After nearly 20 years of racing, the skier announced her retirement. The sport will be poorer for her absence.

Over the course of 2016 and 2017 filmmaker, Michele Columbo shot this film The Light Within the Dolomites in Fassa and Gardena Valleys. 

Handcrafted in Italy, the Bike Butler ($4,265) is much more than just a bike hanger. An Elipson IC4 Bluetooth speaker is mounted inside, and there's also a wireless phone charger and four USB ports to charge accessories like bikes lights and a GPS.

The Val di Sol is a valley in Trentino Northern Italy. This mountain bike paradise is tucked away in the Brenta Dolomites and has enduro riding in addition to lift-served downhill trails that are always improving.

How to pedal (and eat) your way through Chianti country.

An Italian Leather Wallet That's as Handsome as it is Simple

Tucked away in the high alpine in northern Italy, Lake Garda is the country's largest lake. The biking through this area took the filmmakers at Penshire Media through quaint mountain towns including their favorite Molina di Ledro.

After winter sheds its skin and spring begins to emerge the roads through Alta Murgia, one of Italy's National Parks, display incredible almond tree blooms.

Mountains were the cornerstone of Stephano's life. When a knee injury took this away from him he found solace in his offseason training activity, cycling.

Filmmaker Kurt Moser teamed up with fellow colleagues Thomas Worndle and Cecilia Miribung for this incredible footage of the Dolomites.

In Reschenpass, Italy, 19 mountain bikers gathered as friends and foes to challenge one another's big air skills.

Local mountain man Oscar Taiola has called Mount Bianco home for most of his life. Last year, he witnessed a drastic shift in access.

Deep in the heart of Italy's Aosta Valley lies a labyrinth of singletrack waiting to be ridden, and the team at SCOTT Sports is lucky to have such a gem within striking distance of their office

From epic skiing in Antarctica to a lazy beer-fueled canoe trip in North Carolina, these are the best places to visit this year

Fulfill that childhood fantasy and book one of these high-end treehouses, from Costa Rica to Italy to San Francisco

As each week brings fresh reports of African and Middle Eastern migrants and refugees dying on the Mediterranean in overcrowded boats, a self-made Louisiana millionaire and his Italian wife have taken to the sea to save them.

The world's leading design center for outdoor footwear—everything from featherweight climbing shoes to hard-shelled mountaineering stompers—is a small city in northern Italy where craftsmanship reigns.

Pedal the world’s best dine-and-wine destinations, then sleep in style

You aren’t a diehard unless you vacation like one. These over-the-top trips put you and your wheels to work in some of the most stunning places on earth.

Endurance cyclist Juliana Buhring left a notorious cult, wrote a bestseller, and then rode her bike around the world. She's just getting started.

Don't trust us? Visit this lake.

These adventure geniuses will make your next trip the one you never, ever forget.

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