BRUNTON’s LAMPLIGHT pulls double duty as a flashlight for twilight wood gathering and a lantern with 360 degrees of alpenglow. (800-443-4871,…

Lightweight aluminum sheathes both standard and serrated blades. A perfect pocketknife.…

For a sure fire, break out the COLIBRI CX GEAR QUANTUM TEMPEST lighter. This butane fire breather has a one-click lighting system and a built-in LED. (800-556-7354,…

This is what happens when you get one of the world’s toughest adventurers to help design a multitool. You can open the tool’s two knives with one gloved hand, and there’s a sturdy needle-nose pliers and even a reamer that can bore holes through wood. 8.8 oz;…

BUCK’s 172 MAYO TNT locking knife tucks a surgical-sharp three-inch blade into an ultracool titanium handle. (800-326-2825,…

From game-changing new materials (like moisture-wicking cotton) to evolutionary leaps in engineering (like a rotating helmet for extreme crashes), the avant-garde of 21st-century gear has just one thing in common: a total disregard for the status quo.

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I’d like to buy one knife for all my outdoor activities (camping, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and kayaking). What would you pick? Bob Lexington, Kentucky

I'd like to get a new pocket knife but recoil at the price tags I've recently witnessed. Is there a good reason to buy a $200 pocket knife? Scott Kingston, Ontario

You trust Outside Online’s Gear Guy to answer all of your pressing questions about buying, using, and rehabbing gear. Now get his advice on the best buys for your friends and family this holiday season.

Cut the rope or a rug with the same knife. The VICTORINOX S. BEAT integrates a one-gig audio player in the classic blade-scissors-tweezers-file model. The 1.1-ounce unit comes encased in stainless steel, and the player detaches for air travel. $200; Victorinox S. Beat Victorinox S. Beat…

Readers may have recently come across my thoughts on some of the more offbeat reader questions. One was: "What three or four skills should a true outdoorsman be able to do with a knife?" I had to admit—I was stumped. I use a knife to make shavings for a fire or for various gear-repair chores, but despite many years of hiking and camping, I'm not much of a knifesman. So I asked readers for help, and got some! Sue Duncan in Billings, Montana, read my plea, and responded with a detailed note. I thought her advice so good that it was worth posting.

I'm looking for a versatile fixed-blade knife to carry in all sorts of weather and activities. I will be using it mostly as a cp tool but do a lot of lightweight backpacking. I can't seem to find one that's light, durable, sturdy, and priced at around $25 to $50. Any ideas? Josh Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Don't be a tool! The latest in advanced cutlery puts a survival kit in your pocket.

I'm a little boggled by all the choices in multitools these days. From the venerable Swiss Army all-in-one to the expensive Schrade creations that look like they've been crafted for Viking warlords. Any faves? More importantly, what tools do you think essential, which are gear-makers' fripperies? Malcolm Vancouver, British Columbia