A new movie follows two lost souls on the Appalachian Trail

The ‘Ghost of Steelhead Future’ extrapolates what could happen to a prized Oregon river

Kale Poland, founder of Cleetus Fit, takes pride in a brand of fitness where dumpster towing and beer yoga are equally at home. Now he's out to conquer the Deca Ironman—ten Ironmans in a row.

From costumed toboggan rides to an unsanctioned triathlon in the Tetons, these quirky competitions are no joke

Maine’s coast is one of the last border disputes between Canada and the United States.

Up at 4 a.m., then run the equivalent of two marathons before dusk. Now repeat that for 45 days.

A glorious and ill-considered expedition to retrace the nearly 300-mile sufferfest endured by colonial badass (and not yet turncoat) Benedict Arnold and his 1,100 brave, starving men. Their aim: to take Quebec City from the British. Ours: to survive.

From pop-up bungalows in the woods to durable bubbles on a vineyard, these cozy abodes offer real escape

Catch this summer's night sky in full force in one of these perfectly dark locales

From SUP'ing down the Colorado to hiking the AT solo, these features explore and revel in the adventures our country has to offer

The Democratic candidate and son of the Burt's Bees founder is seeking a win in Maine's rural 2nd District with a simple message: The recreation economy can bring back jobs

A cleaner, easier way to carry your gear

Four class-action suits claim that the retail giant broke the law when it nixed its lifetime guarantee

Aislinn Sarnacki, a columnist for the Bangor Daily News in Maine, on her go-to hiking gear

Whether you have a weekend or a month, these journeys are a must

Our features editor sat down with author Mike Finkel to talk about his book, and you can listen in on their conversation

Traveling with kids comes with its own set of challenges. Cost shouldn't be one of them.

Even when weight is at a premium, don't skip these items

A group of hired caretakers, called ridgerunners, are working to protect America’s favorite wilderness footpath from the hordes of people who walk it each year

Remote, empty spots to pitch your tent in peace this summer

Customers now have one year to return a product—and must bring in a receipt

See a cool new place and learn a tip or two from the pros along the way

From filmmaker Taylor Walker and photographers Chris Shane, Jamie Walter, and Cait Bourgeault Monumental shares their journey circumnavigating Maine's newest national monument Katahdin Woods and Waters.

Each year, filmmakers 929Media take a fall trip up to New England from their headquarters in New York City and this year’s choice was Acadia National Park for its drastic landscapes and epic sunrises. 

The coziest slipper you'll ever buy

A growing number of outfitters are offering options for adaptive athletes

Lighthouse keeping is integral to Maine's ocean faring history. The Last Lightkeepers from Wandergroove follows Ford Reiche as he reflects on the importance of his mission.

You don't have to strike it mega-rich to have access to an amazing private island—but it helps

Pack the cooler. From surfing in Rhode Island to fishing the newly reborn Elwha River in the Northwest, these are the season’s quintessential weekend escapes.

You have through today to tell the government what you think of its plan to steal your public land

Craving sun and sand on the Atlantic? These beach towns offer that and more.

We sent our correspondent deep undercover to explore the latest summer craze: camps tailored just for adults. Boozy slip-and-slide? Check. Excessive kickball celebrations? You betcha. It's all detailed in his letters from a nostalgic bacchanal.

The Olympic marathon champ—who hopes to become the first woman over 60 to run a sub-3-hour marathon this fall—shares her hard-fought wisdom

Six athletically inclined people—regular folks with regular jobs, just like you—divulge how much money they spend on their fitness routines

Five adventures that don't involve ski resorts

Nick Lavecchia is a surf photographer in Maine. Watch as Lavecchia shares why this place is so inspiring for him, despite the bitter winters and unpredictable surf.

For those who suffer from a disability, winter can seem like an eternity. Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation provides an outlet for folks with disabilities to pursue outdoor adventures.

Maine’s North Woods would make the perfect addition to the parks system—with mountains, streams, and stunning views. So what’s taking the government so long?

Officials at Baxter State Park, at the north end of the AT, are concerned about an anticipated increase in the number of thru-hikers tramping through the park. Their solution? Hiker registration cards.

It's a different kind of nostalgia when you're out in the backcountry (or out of the country) and trying to preserve the holiday spirit—but these adventurers did their best and lived to tell the tale

Our favorite ski hills in New York and New England

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