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Otherworldly talent has its own irresistible magnetism. We can’t help but be seduced.    

The 35-year-old made the switch after giving birth to her fourth child. Here’s what we can learn from her experience.

A leading exercise physiologist suggests developing a top speed two times faster than your marathon pace for a “speed reserve.” Here’s how to improve yours.

The unlikely new American record holder in the marathon believes her best racing days are still ahead of her

The 40-year-old’s stunning performance smashed two world records on Friday

The Olympic medalist turned coach didn’t have time to fully prepare and almost burned out mid-quest. Here’s how she adapted and finished strong.

The case for an event that’s somewhere between the Boston Marathon and the Olympic Trials

Getting heckled by construction workers and definitely not crying: a New York City Marathon retrospective

While the benefit to giving elite women their own race seems obvious, the question of giving male marathoners a separate start is more contentious

Hidden spikes on a popular trail, a cancer survivor’s marathon return, and ducks on the run in New York City

A visit to Eliud Kipchoge’s Kenyan training camp reveals how he dominates the marathon world

When you spend your youth chasing highs, what comes next? 

Feeling adrift in a black hole after your marathon? You’re normal, and in good company. World-class runners, coaches and sport psychologists offer their advice.

How the wheelchair racer competed in the Chicago and Boston Marathons on back-to-back days

A friendly reminder that worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy

Can mindful running make you faster—or at least happier?

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