As the pandemic continues to surge and major races are canceled, we can return to running for its own sake

New lab data from a record-setting 59-year-old offers insights on how we age—and, potentially, how to avoid it

The women's race was about working together, while the men's race was about fighting alone

At the U.S. Olympic Trials, amateur runners have nothing to lose

'Portraits of a Runner' shows how three dedicated athletes are preparing for the Olympic Trials

Argeo Cruz ran the standard. But he had a much tougher obstacle to contend with. 

Asia's most prestigious marathon is the latest victim of the coronavirus

For starters, there's hesitancy about the confluence of drug testing and unregulated products

If the qualifying standard gets harder, will it dissuade runners from aiming high?

Harold Bennally wanted to run the Boston Marathon in moccasins. So he planned a fundraiser on the Navajo Nation to get there.

Iain Mickle's secret to tackling sub-three-hour marathons late into his fifties? Running buddies.

Track and field's governing body, World Athletics, has prohibited racing in prototypes and issued a limit on stack heights

With over 1,300 feet of climbing, the race will favor "grinders"

With so much to do and see, you'll forget you have a race to run

From Caster Semenya to the rise and fall of the Oregon Project, it's been an eventful ten years

At last weekend's California International Marathon, several runners made it by the skin of their teeth

The cross-country skiing icon was beginning a new chapter in life when a diagnosis changed everything

Like an old friend, this stick of personal lubricant is always there when you need it, through the good times and the really awkward ones

A new analysis tracks people doing 35 hours of exercise per week for a decade, and finds no evidence of heart risks

After Kirstie Ennis lost her leg, she climbed some of the hardest mountains in the world. And she’s just getting started.

Scientists can forecast marathon performance fairly accurately. But for longer distances, things get complicated.

"Avoid pooping your pants at all costs"

Roberta Groner and Sinead Diver reflect on what it means to be “young in running years” 

Following a breakthrough in shoe design, the IAAF might have to start regulating footwear. We asked the best runners in the world for their two cents. 

The Olympic Trials are only a few months away, but Des Linden and Jared Ward aren't afraid to hammer the streets of New York

Tune in to the hotly anticipated race on November 3

The Swedish company Maurten's hydrogel drink has taken the endurance world by storm over the last two years. Now scientists are testing their claims.

Maggie Guterl became the first woman to win the Big Dog Backyard Ultra, the race with no end

After a career that brought numerous national titles and American records, she will continue on as a professional coach for the Bowerman Track Club

Performing under unprecedented pressure, the Kenyan became the first human to run a marathon in under two hours

The two-hour barrier and the women’s marathon world record both fell this weekend. The history makers, Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Kosgei, have one obvious thing in common.

A new study quantifies the time gained and lost from the geography of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge course, and suggests that you don’t need to sweat the curves

Their coach might have been sanctioned, but Nike Oregon Project runners are slated to compete this weekend

After switching from marathons to ultras six years ago, Boulet continues to blow away the competition

A handful of new products are claiming they can. The jury's still out on whether they deliver enough of an edge to justify the agony.

Distance running’s G.O.A.T. is unpredictable and flawed. Just like the rest of us.

A new documentary follows two Western athletes as they travel to the Hermit Kingdom to participate in its only sporting event open to foreigners

Yes, raw speed helps. But it isn’t everything.

This weekend, the world’s best mountain runner sets his sights on Pikes Peak

We tested three new kicks that incorporate the controversial feature

A pair of presentations explore the biomechanics of the controversial shoe, and whether it wards off marathon-induced muscle damage

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