This weekend, the world’s best mountain runner sets his sights on Pikes Peak

We tested three new kicks that incorporate the controversial feature

A pair of presentations explore the biomechanics of the controversial shoe, and whether it wards off marathon-induced muscle damage

She's the first person to finish the Leadville Race Series and the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in a single season

Following months of uncertainty, the most exciting marathon on U.S. soil has been upgraded to “Gold Label” status. Here’s what that means. 

A new study finds that your “critical speed” threshold drops in the last third of a marathon, which may explain why the distance produces so many blow-ups

How I rediscovered the joy of trails and muddy shoes following a skin-cancer scare

Your head is pounding, your muscles are cramping, and your heart is racing. Then you get dizzy and the vomiting starts. Heatstroke kills thousands of people every year. This is what it feels like—and how to know when you’re in danger.

Hydrogels, electrolytes, and drink frequency top the list at this year’s ACSM conference

The history of the oldest women’s-only race is the story of progress, but also of missed opportunities

Or how running and meditating both led one woman to the same unexpected place

When you’re in your fourth decade, you’re still young enough to run a personal best. But it’s also the beginning of the end.

You might not like his style, but Sir Mo gives his sport some much-needed attitude

Pico started running and climbing mountains ten years ago, after losing her foot to cancer

Data from the last world championships suggests you shouldn’t be concerned about your foot strike, no matter how you land

It’s tastier than gels are... and that’s the main selling point

A blind runner finished a half marathon for the first time using only guidance from a dog thanks in large part to the Ruffwear Unifly—the biggest development in guide-dog harnesses since they were invented nine decades ago

Roger Robinson’s 'When Running Made History' sets a new standard for books about the sport

Running coach David Roche shares his training tips

After vanquishing all his human competition, the world’s best marathoner will again take on the clock

Last year, Dykes set the marathon record for his age group—only to find that it didn't count. But he's not giving up.

The media needs to get better at “personalizing” the best runners on the planet

New research suggests that a month of probiotic supplementation reduces GI symptoms in runners

Why the top American in Monday’s Boston Marathon is all about training transparency

After a string of injuries, Jordan Hasay and Dathan Ritzenhein are itching to race again

No external flourish can match the thrill of pushing your body to its limit

These babies keep you warm, block wind, and shout from the depths of your closet, “Let’s go already!”

What kind of sadist creates the hardest race in the world? We sent our writer to find out.

Yes, the physiology and biomechanics of treadmill running are a little different. But how you feel about it is probably more important.

Tune in to the highly anticipated race on April 15

When my wife tried to kill me, when I went to jail for battery, and when I finally tried to take my own life, there was one thing that kept me from unraveling

In an excerpted chapter from his new memoir, '26 Marathons,' the road racing legend recalls the first time he ran America’s most famous race

At the 2019 Los Angeles Marathon, Adam Gorlitsky will set out to become the first American paraplegic to walk 26.2 miles—and bust his British rival's 36-hour time in the process. But his real dream is to bring assisted mobility to people with disabilities.

A new statistical approach brings sophisticated probability analysis to the future of marathoning

The new running standards are ridiculously complex. Here's what that means.

The oldest woman to swim the English Channel wants to continue knocking off marathon swims into her 80s

Want to see more people on bikes? Get over yourself and the rest will follow.

In advance of her marathon debut, we spoke to Sisson about racing, recovery, and what it’s like to have Molly Huddle as a training partner

A detailed analysis of historical Boston results wades into the long-running debate on sex differences in endurance

In the age of specialization, it’s refreshing to see a big name get outside his comfort zone

More fat shoes, farewell to Flanagan, and the continued dominance of Kipchoge

Keep it simple. Consistency is key. Get out of your own way.

Plotting top-100 marathon times for the past decade shows that Eliud Kipchoge’s world record is a huge outlier. The question is why.

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