A cycling study finds that the lure of a reward throws off pacing instincts

Kathrine Switzer on the lessons she's learned after a lifetime of running. Nonrunners, take note.

The focus-demanding sport could affect the brain more deeply than we know

Despite the chronic doping scandals, the sport still has a lot to teach us about fitness

It's within this cavern of discomfort where we take stock of our courage—and figure out what we're made of

Elite competitors have long practiced meditation and mindfulness. But neuroscience shows that it’s the true believers who are finding that higher gear—through prayer.

Exercise is as good for your brain as it is for your body, and researchers are just beginning to discover why

Every world-class performer—from athletes to chess players to musicians—follows these rules to keep improving at their disciplines

An entire industry is trying to curb our boredom while running. But if you can harness that feeling of restlessness, you may find yourself stronger and faster than ever.

Self-talk—repeating a phrase in your head—is a practical, proven strategy to push your limits

Ultrarunning is as tough on the mind as it is on the body, so the sport's best have developed mental strategies to reframe their darkest moments. Their techniques can help us all get more from our training.

How to put in the work now to ensure that you will go for it later

You don't have to summit mountains bare-chested or meditate on a snowbank to train your body to reap the benefits of one of the world's most extreme approaches to health

Florence Williams has been writing about the tangible benefits of getting outdoors for years. Presenting the best of what she's learned.

Risky pursuits like BASE jumping offer a buzz better than any drug. New technologies provide the same rush without the danger.

A new device called Halo Sport promises to improve performance by stimulating your mind. We zapped our brains in the name of science to see if it could really make us faster.

American churches are building first-class gyms to get followers in shape and attract new members to the flock. Critics see lucrative businesses masked as ministries, but the programs are a spirited defense against our obesity epidemic.

If you’re willing to work hard, conquer your fears, and maybe don some superhero spandex, anything is possible

New research shows that perceptions of fatigue and pain stop us from hitting our physical limits long before our bodies do. Can athletes train their brains to reach unheard-of levels of peak performance?

The art and science behind the best training environments

You’ve heard that Kobe Bryant meditates, and that most pro athletes perform their best while in a flow state. But what does that mean, and how do you get there? Three new books attempt to demystify the cloudy world of mindfulness training.

Standing desks may be all the rage, but learning to properly embrace your chair is the best way to survive the workday

The brain’s tolerance for pain may be the deciding factor in how far we can push ourselves

You can't. But you can channel it and grow from it.

4 strategies to help you quit worrying and learn to love the snow

Inside the first ever Faith and Fitness Conference in New Orleans

Dane Jackson is an international kayaking prodigy. Here’s an inside look into his flow—and what his sport can do for you

It’s more nuanced than the headlines would lead you to think

You already know her as one of the best climbers in the world—and only 14—but this fierce competitor will also school you on mental strategy

There are countless watches, bracelets, headbands, and foot pods on the market promising to record every little thing you do. But can any of it make you a better athlete? The author wades through the muck and the mire to data-mine his best self.

From extreme athlete Niccolo Porcella, the man who survived The Biggest Wipeout Ever

Endurance expert Matt Fitzgerald shares how to push your body further by mastering your mind

The secrets behind the 40-year old Catalan ultrarunner’s winning streak

Norman Ollestad's father taught him to surf during rambling, tough-love safaris down the coast of Mexico. Then the education came to a sudden and tragic end. Forty years later, Ollestad heads south with his own son—and finds that the old road maps can only take them so far.

Hall will tackle her first-ever marathon in Los Angeles on March 15. Here, she talks mileage, fueling, and how to train with your spouse. (She’s married to two-time Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall.)

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