We drove to Mexico and filled our thermoses with margaritas (for gear testing)

'The Mentor' chronicles climber Marcus Garcia’s relationship with climbing legend, Jimmy Ray Forester

Australia's Uluru has closed for climbing. That sheds light on other bucket-list destinations you could be doing better.

Catch the great southerly migration with North America's top birding enthusiasts

From remote wilderness resorts to a ski-in, ski-out hotel, these properties care as much about environmental practices as they do guest amenities

If you're interested in disaster tourism, these places are packed with adventures and need your dollars more than ever before

Want to get away on a dime? Here's where to go.

In 'Hike the Line,' from Corey Robinson, these hikers share an experience that's unlike any other thru-hike

Filmmakers Granite and Light took off with eight friends, four vans, and one furball for a holiday vacation in Baja

From the Canadian Kootenay Rockies to Southwest hot springs, we found the most scenic stretches of road for epic summer adventures

Baja's right-hand point breaks are what surfer Allesandro Ponzanelli was after during the shooting of 'The Guero'

Photographer Christian Vizl documents the ocean’s beauty to show us what we’re ravaging

Spending a night in paradise doesn’t have to cost as much as a month’s rent back home

The Gila is America’s most endangered river. What do we stand to lose if it disappears thanks to climate change and overuse?

Continuing his #everysinglestreet quest to know his world intimately, on the street level, ultra-runner Rickey Gates explored nine neighborhoods in Mexico City.

'The River and the Wall' chronicles an intense journey down the Rio Grande, bearing witness to the ecosystems and livelihoods along the U.S.-Mexico border

Tequila master Nick Heil tells you how to raise your mix game from good to gold

Meet the daredevils who crossed from the Santa Elena Canyon to Big Bend National Park to make a point about unity and trust

Our favorite places to live could look a lot different in 2080, according to a new study

A new documentary, 'Sea of Shadows,' highlights the work of Andrea Crosta, whose team infiltrates cartels and gangs to fight illegal wildlife trafficking around the world

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