In the highlands of Oaxaca, Mexico the Trans Sierra Norte mountain bike race boasts over 3000 of elevation over this three-day race.

24 products—for work and play—that we fell in love with this year

We know a thing or two about the Southwest—our offices are located in Santa Fe, after all. So trust us when we say that these radar-ducking adventures are full of hidden rivers and otherworldly canyons. Just don’t pass it on.

Learn to build a fire, track animals, and forage for wild food—and still sleep in a bed

Giving disaster-struck communities the ability to produce their own clean water

A new nonfiction book by Ted Genoways looks at the complex argument over how best to grow food in America, told from the farmer's perspective. Another good read explores how a drug kingpin made millions breeding horses.

If there’s anything better than an epic day outside, it’s reliving it over great food and drink. From mountain decks to beachside watering holes, our favorite après spots have mastered Cajun fries, crustaceans, and craft ales.

The ultimate rules-free weekend date

Working as a reporter in Central America, I've gotten used to men asking if I'm married and offering unsolicited advice about how to live my life. While it's usually framed in some well-intentioned way, the subtext has been obvious: If you're a woman, you shouldn't be traveling alone.

After a cancellation in 2015 due to drug violence, nearly 1,000 Tarahumara gathered in Copper Canyon this March to run the brutal, unrelenting 50-miler

Wandering the Sonoran Desert in search of the chiltepin—the ancestor to domesticated chile peppers—with MacArthur genius Gary Paul Nabhan

After 'Born to Run' introduced the world to the Tarahumara people and the healthful chia that grows on their land, they may have found a way to turn the seeds into economic stability

Our Latin American neighbor remains the last bastion of total freedom outdoors

Take your pick from yoga retreats in Tulum, farm-to-table bounty in Baja, Pacific surf, and tequila from the source in Guadalajara

In Guadalajara, mariachi echoes through the streets, tacos are a staple provision, and barrels of tequila are made at the nearby Patrón Hacienda.

Getting hitched is the ­ultimate excuse to go big on a vacation. Don’t waste it.

Baja: The ultimate weekend escape. And it’s way easier than you think to get here.

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