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Why reaching outdoor nirvana means journeying far from the beaten path

Few activities are more self-sufficiently satisfying

How to embrace tough situations and use them in your favor

Bouldering psychotherapy is gaining traction because the sport is unique in its easy access and ability to draw out emotions

New research says yes. Fortunately, there's something we can do about it.

Journaling is for everyone, but especially athletes. Here are the two types of journals you should have and how to get started.

Even casual drinkers may get a few cravings as they go cold turkey. Here's how to beat them.

The experts have spoken on what we will see in the coming year

Beautiful places, kind people, and great food aren't just nice things to experience—they're key to good mental health

Skylights, a show run by wilderness therapists, talks about nature-oriented approaches to topics like gaming addiction, parenting, and isolation

You can't force your way to healthy habits

How one nonprofit is working to get more people outside through urban adventures

The famed ski mountaineer on what she thinks about when she looks down

We asked hikers for advice on how to readjust to life after the trail

Raynelle Rino, the founder of Rino Consulting Solutions, taps into the therapeutic effects of nature, specifically for people of color who work emotionally taxing jobs

Yogis are flocking to plein air classes everywhere from the African bush to downtown Austin rooftops

Laird Hamilton's rules for preventive maintenance

A new book shows you how to get into the mindset that leads to mastery and peak performance

The director of a meditation program developed by neuroscientists explains how teaching athletes mindfulness can change their brains

A month on mPEAK, a performance-driven mindfulness program

After adopting a meditation practice a decade into his career, Knox is near the top of his athletic game

We asked some of most prominent experts what to expect in the coming year

Don’t compare yourself to others, and embrace the slog

A wave of psychotherapists are treating patients by running with them

An ode to those who can't sit still

What if striving to be great is what's holding you back?

The renowned meditation teacher talks to Tim Ferriss about finding freedom and joy in the present

Our writer and favorite curmudgeon completed UC Berkeley's ten-week Science of Happiness online course. Did it make him happier? Not really. But he still came away with some important, if obvious, rules to live by.

Garmin and Apple are among a recent wave of companies who’ve entered the stress tracking market. Do the products live up to their claims?

Smith claims these sunnies can help you focus better. Do they actually work?

You’ve heard the hype about meditation and other "non-judgemental awareness" practices. Now check out the data.

The new Watch is a more sophisticated fitness tracker than its predecessor, with an updated operating system, upgraded hardware, and cellular connectivity. But will it be enough to win over athletes?

A slew of new products claim to be the Fitbit for your Zen

At the University of Vermont, mathematicians in the Computational Story Lab are reading your tweets and learning a lot about our collective well-being

From Lululemon, Ebb then Flow is a film that follows surfer and Elite Ambassador for Lululemon, Evan Valiere. Valiere diverts from the uniform recipe for success; training, visualization, flow state, and 10,000 hours to lead to perfection.

Upscale meditation studios are bringing mindfulness to the masses. Are they also diluting the practice?

The focus-demanding sport could affect the brain more deeply than we know

This skill doesn't just belong in gymnastics competitions. Use it to clear obstacles on the trail and move deftly around nature's roadblocks.

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