Mount Rainier National Park

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Sometimes our darkest moments create the best kind of magic

RockyMounts won us over with its BackStage Swing Away rack and the WestSlope 2 is no different. This hitch rack carries two bikes up to 40 pounds each and is designed to make loading bikes a breeze with its wheel hook holding style. It also tilts…

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In the worst disaster in decades, on one of the country's most iconic peaks, two guides and four clients go missing and are presumed dead—leaving a climbing community searching for clues.

It started as a bluebird New Year's Day in Mount Rainier National Park. But when a gunman murdered a ranger and then fled back into the park's frozen backcountry, every climber, skier, and camper became a suspect—and a potential victim.

I’m going to do Rainier this summer. I’ve done a few mountains in Canada and Kili, but wore rental boots...blisters galore. So I want to find a good boot to do Rainier. Any suggestions?—EvanDenver, CO

I'm planning a one- to two-week road trip up to northern Washington, possibly Canada. Do you have any suggestions of good places to cp/stay and interesting things to do? Any goods hikes and or bike rides? Tim O. San Luis Obispo, CA

Where in the United States can I stay overnight in a tree? Alice Massillon, OH

How do I prepare for a climb of Mount Rainier and/or Denali? I have about eight months before my climbing window and I live at sea level.

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