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CREATIVE’s 3.1-ounce NOMAD MUVO² X-TRAINER 512MB ($269) is built for rough handling, with a half-gig of fixed flash memory wrapped in a protective rubbery case. The rugged X-Trainer gets about twice the battery life (16 hours) of most hard-drive-based spinners.

The most full-featured of the key-chain strongboxes, SAMSUNG’S YEPP YP-55V ($199) holds 256 megabytes of music in bump-proof flash memory. It plays FM when your mixes get moldy, and records digital files from radio, voice, or aftermarket mike. To fill it up, plug the 1.2-ounce unit into your PC’s USB…

Thank goodness for progress—the underwater MP3 player is finally here! The two-inch-diameter earbuds on the OCEANIC H20 AUDIO ($399) clip to your mask strap or sit inside your hood, sending sound waves a short distance through water, to play a surprisingly hi-fi starfish soundtrack.

Pocket Philharmonic We’re all iPod junkies, but Micro­soft’s Zune HD was a nice surprise. As a video player, it’s comparable to the iPod Touch, and for pure audiophile pleasure we daresay it’s better, with warmer tones and sharper high notes. What’s missing? Non-Windows functionality, a camera, and easy navigability. The…

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When collapsed, Black Diamond‘s ultrabright Orbit Lantern is the size of a cell phone ($30; Black Diamond Orbit Lantern             Train: Oakley Radar Sunglasses Oakley Radar SunglassesBecause the Oakley Radar‘s photochromic lenses quickly adapt to changing light conditions and repel almost…

Think flash drive but with a headphone jack. Philips‘s matchbook-size 2GB GoGear player plugs right into your USB port ($50; Philips GoGear      …

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Mysteries of the mind-body connection: Why does Willie Nelson make me run faster than the White Stripes? And why do both sound so much better coming out of the Thump Pro? I don't have answers, but I do know that after several trail runs I fell shamelessly in love with…

Cords, schmords. Bluetooth—God love it—has finally arrived in high-fidelity stereo. Available in June, Samsung’s sleek little T9B is a flash-based audio-video unit with FM and voice recording, 30 hours of music playback per charge, and the aforementioned streaming capability. Pair it with wireless earbuds for 21st-century headbanging: Coming in at…

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Cut the rope or a rug with the same knife. The VICTORINOX S. BEAT integrates a one-gig audio player in the classic blade-scissors-tweezers-file model. The 1.1-ounce unit comes encased in stainless steel, and the player detaches for air travel. $200; Victorinox S. Beat Victorinox S. Beat…

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What's a good, trail-worthy MP3 player? It's got to be light and needs lots of storage space since I'm out in the woods for days at a time. I've looked into the iPod mini, but if the battery dies, I can't swap it out for a fresh one. Any ideas? Matt Shasta Lake City, California

I thought I saw during the Tour de France that Lance Armstrong was wearing the latest Oakley glasses with an MP3 player built into them. I right, and did Lance actually wear them during the race? Susan New York City

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