It'll hold eight cards, cash, and there's even a bottle opener

Seven pieces of gear no adventurer should live without

Chose from 22 bits, then wrench, screw, and cut away

A $40 multi-tool that fits in your wallet

A credit-card holder that doubles as a clever multitool

A new tool from Germany threatens to out-useful MacGyver's pocket knife

There’s no excuse to leave this TSA-approved multitool at home

Take them from the kitchen to the backcountry

Thoughtful tweaks + a jam-packed design = one very useful cycling companion

Outside Knife: A yellow knock-off Swiss Army knife given away by Outside to new subscribers from the early nineties through 2008.

Leatherman: A multitool invented by Tim Leatherman after wishing he had a pair of pliers while working on a rust-bucket Fiat with a pocket knife during a 1975 European road trip.

Swiss Army Knife: The world’s first consumer multitool, designed by cutler Karl Elsener with two blades, a screwdriver, and a can opener.

A handy multitool to slip on your keychain

The Women’s Through-Hiking Essentials of 2015

Few things can ruin a would-be stellar trip like realizing you forgot something really important. With this guide to packing, you won't have to learn the hard way.

The most innovative multitool we've seen in years.

Think of these as your most dependable travel buddies, coming to the rescue at a moment's notice.

A flashlight, a fitness tracker, a GPS...the list goes on.

Durable, versatile, and just plain cool

Say goodbye to your grandpa’s hiking stick

None of the products on this list are necessary for a good time. But hey, partying itself is about indulgence. And if you’re already indulging, why not enjoy it all the more with these six pieces of summer gear?  Miir Growler ($60) Miir makes you…

‘Tis the season for car camping and barbequing, which means grilled burgers, sunny days, and (hopefully) cold beer. But to keep your beverage of choice chilled, you’ll need a cooler that can withstand the heat. We reviewed four mini coolers—each 10 liters or smaller and each packed with a six-pack—to…

For years, I used to test how far I could go on day trips without eating. I don’t know if it was some unexplainable machismo or just laziness, but that mindset changed about six months ago. I’d gone on a four-hour run with an empty stomach and no food in…

It’s tough to tell how trustworthy a piece of gear is going to be when you first buy it. In fact, the only way to actually test your equipment’s longevity is to, well, test it. Thoroughly. So instead of having you, dear reader, put your gear through the ringer in…

Forget about rubbing two sticks together. Without matches, your only hope of getting a fire started in the wild is to take advantage of other tools at your disposal. Mykel Hawke—a former U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret and founder of survival school Spec Ops—recommends two easy,…

Yes, I write about gear for a living, I have access to the most sophisticated toys and tools in the outdoor world, and I’m constantly geeking out over tech details. But I’m keenly aware of the fact that the gear does not make the athlete. I was a much better…

Get that extra edge with the best knives and multitools

The outdoors can be deadly if you're unprepared. But these gear items will help you make it home alive—even if everything else goes wrong.

I work on trails to help my local mountaineering club. Is there anything light enough to carry along in my backpack?

Outside reviews the best gear from Outdoor Retailer's 2013 Winter Show, including the Leatherman Hail.

I want to build an igloo. What kind of tools do I need?

When it comes to holiday giving, you should never have to choose. This year, our editors have pulled together 68 perfect ideas—priced from $4 to $50,000—guaranteed to make anyone on your list feel like a million bucks.

Of the dozens of poles, stoves, multitools, and other essentials we tested this year, we kept reaching for these six, from the Brunton Get-Back GPS, which stores up to three waypoints and steers you to the trailhead, to MSR SureLock TR-3s, which, at 20 ounces a pair, aren't ultralight, but they are quite sturdy and strong.

If you’re going to bring a multitool traveling or backpacking, this is the classic choice, thanks to an array of saws, pliers, blades, and screw-drivers.

Design and Technology Special: The world's most streamlined and innovative new gear, gadgets, tools and toys, including Quirky's Switch Modular Pocket Knife.

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2011 Summer Buyers Guide, including the Bear Grylls/Gerber Ultimate Kit.

The right solutions for whatever obstacles life puts in your way.

What's the ultimate Christmas gift for a survival nut? The Editors Santa Fe, NM

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