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And no place has ever been ruined by an Instagram post, either. It's time to stop blaming social media for the world's troubles.

The logic behind requiring permits on Yosemite's famed Half Dome was sound: smaller crowds equals fewer accidents. In this case, the opposite is true.

When it comes to spending time outside, the best app is usually no app. But there are a few notable exceptions.

The sweeping John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act could mean great things for our national trail system, but it may take a while

A grassroots movement of physicians are prescribing time outdoors as the best possible cure for a growing list of ailments. Can they really convince big health care that free medicine is the way of the future?

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An official investigation into ethics violations by Trump's new Secretary of the Interior was opened just four days after his confirmation

To kick off National Park Week, the park service is waiving all entrance fees on April 20

The Garden State doesn't usually bring to mind bucolic wilderness. But if you ask people in the know, that's only because you've been looking in the wrong place.

The Democratic candidate released her comprehensive plan for saving our national parks and public lands. It's impressive, even if it never comes to fruition.

He sold his first photograph at 14 and has been making pictures ever since

America's public lands can help solve the climate crisis instead of contributing to it

As outdoor-recreation tourism booms, these places have been forced to find innovative (and sometimes desperate) ways of adapting to and curbing the steady stream of tourists each season

Heather Hansman’s new book is a must-read for anyone who loves rivers or is concerned about the future of the West

The Acting Interior Secretary's confirmation hearing was already absurd. Then the Greenpeace protestors showed up.

You don't need to destroy something to experience it

Ancient European pilgrimages. Coastal treks along jungle isles. Surprising Rocky Mountain summits. Checking off any of these bucket-list hikes is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.

Grand Canyon National Park superintendent Christine Lehnertz notified park employees on March 14 that she was resigning, effective March 31. This comes weeks after a four-month investigation turned up no wrongdoing and found a series of 2018 allegations against her to be "unfounded."

Size has something to do with it, but it is more about why the land is being preserved

A close reading of the President’s 2020 Department of the Interior budget reveals massive funding cuts for everything public-lands related—except for oil and gas

The crucial public lands legislation was just signed by President Trump. Here's why you should care.

As the country's second most popular park turns 100, Grand Canyon faces an unprecedented number of existential threats. Eight experts weigh in on the major changes it will undergo during the next century.

A century-long effort to designate Indiana's first national park finally paid off last week

Todd Carmichael runs the billion-dollar La Colombe Coffee empire, but he still makes time for record-breaking jaunts across Antarctica

The former oil and gas lobbyist is the worst-case scenario for public lands

Artist Robert B. Decker created a series of graphic-art prints commemorating our national parks. They’re all printed on 100 percent recycled paper and use soy-based ink, and each print is dated, numbered, and signed by the artist. Choose a park that means something to you, or find a park you’ve…

The Landmark Project has a series of destination-based posters, and there’s something really sweet and badass about its Smokey Bear series. It’s nostalgic, good-looking, and well-intentioned all at the same time.

Moab has come into its own as one of America’s great multisport destinations. Here’s how to make the most out of a visit, from pedaling its world-class singletrack to hiking its famed national parks to rafting the Colorado River.

Park rangers, wildland firefighters, and an EPA lawyer have all told me that they're worried they'll lose their jobs if they talk publicly about the shutdown

A former National Park Service ranger on why now, more than ever, national parks need protection from Washington's budget fights

Researchers are calling the majestic forest the Shangri-la of conservation acquisitions

Hundreds of people from the Everglades to Yosemite have mobilized as part of a grassroots effort to rid national parks of refuse while federal employees remain furloughed

Plus, a new protocol will make it more difficult for other parks to close during the shutdown

From mountain bikers in California to snowmobilers in Montana, renegade adventurers see the shutdown as a chance to get away with anything. They need to stop.

Parks are being destroyed, people are dying, and no one's in charge

A man fell from Yosemite's Nevada Fall on Christmas Day

Embrace phone-free time and enjoy these activities instead

New emails reveal how the U.S. Forest Service caved to Dominion Energy in its quest to build a disruptive pipeline along the Appalachian Trail

Over 16,000 employees will go without pay and local communities will lose approximately $18 million per day

Even as Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has said he wants to give states more decision-making power over federal lands, the Trump administration has taken numerous steps to limit public input

The 33 special agents assigned to the Investigative Services Branch handle the most complex crimes committed on NPS land. When a day hike in Rocky Mountain National Park ended in a grisly death, ISB veteran Beth Shott hit the trail, where she began unraveling a harrowing case.

A former champion and constant runner-up face off on the final day of Fat Bear Week 2018, but every one is a winner in our hearts

New research suggests that national parks are getting hotter and drier faster than the rest of the country

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will offer up nearly 4 million acres of public lands for lease this year, much of it for dirt cheap

The conservative Utah Congressman wants to fully fund our national parks and our public lands. Huh?

Nominee Raymond David Vela seems to care about making our national parks more accessible

Pioneers, the government, even John Muir helped kick out Native Americans from their homes on national parks. But in Yosemite, the Miwuk Tribe is getting its village back.

In Washington State, a group of researchers is mining social media posts and photos to identify overused trails and turn your next weekend adventure into a real escape

As the U.S. battles over the fate of public lands, the Chilean government and Kristine Tompkins are doing something extraordinary down in Patagonia—setting aside millions of acres for stunning new national parks. And they aren't done yet.

Many of our national parks are overflowing with visitors. To get away from the crowds, seek an alternate route.

At these five parks, the food is the treasured resource.

Hand-picked by Kate Siber, author of the new children's book 'National Parks of the USA'

Keeping an eye on the interior secretary's latest ethical blunders and questionable public lands policies

In an excerpt from his new book, Goldfarb explores what wilderness looks like with and without nature's most overlooked architects—and why they have more in common with wolves than you think

Frustrated by overly cautious restrictions at cliffs, some climbers are leading efforts to create flexible, evidence-based management

This hilarious—and informational—PSA from Ranger Lauren Ray warns river rats of the low flows on Arkansas’ Buffalo River.

Some of the places most sought after by recreationists are also culturally, spiritually or economically vital to tribes. We need to honor that.

It's taken half a decade to iron out the logistics, and while White Sands National Monument has as good a chance as ever at becoming a park, it's not guaranteed.

Everyone deserves to explore our country's most scenic destinations

This pass gives access to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites, including all national parks. It covers entrance, vehicle and day use fees. Need recommendations? Check our list of the best hike in every park. (Note: this pass is not available for immediate download or printing; scanned…

With more people than ever taking to the woods, we need to rethink how we spend time on public lands

Hit the trail, drink some ale. What more do you want?

Political and journalistic pressure foiled Interior Department attempts to censor a climate report. Not surprisingly, its findings aren't good.

Sure, we love Yellowstone and Yosemite. But from Finland to Chile, a fresh crop of national parks has us counting up our vacation days.

There’s a common misconception that black people don’t love wild places. Latria Graham, a southerner with deep connections to farms, rivers, and forests, says the problem isn’t desire but access—and a long history of laws and customs that have whitewashed our finest public lands.

From layers to shades, here’s what to take with you to prepare for rain or shine

Last Week Tonight tackles corruption in the Interior

For decades, park leaders have predicted that swarms of tourists could ruin public lands. Is anyone heeding their advice?

The Secretary of the Interior's idea to support public lands with oil and mining leases isn't just wrongheaded—the numbers don't add up.

Lawmakers didn't listen to the president’s call for less spending on land management and the environment—and put their foot down when it came to interior secretary Ryan Zinke’s reorganization plan, too

On March 21, the Department of Interior will hold the largest auction of offshore leases in U.S. history, including all unleased areas on the Gulf of Mexico’s outer continental shelf. But do energy extractors actually want such land and waters?