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Reconciling the maps we made in the 18th century with modern reality is nearly impossible. But their lines, drawn long ago, are still legally binding.

A bevy of mapping apps exist to track and plan trips for different outdoor activities. Here’s the best one for running, cycling, hiking, backpacking, climbing, and skiing.

All the essentials for crushing long days on the trail

Contributor Andrew Skurka tested Zoleo’s Satellite Communicator last year, and he liked how it measured up to the competition: “It’s priced, constructed, and engineered well, and it provides a significantly improved messaging experience for both the user and their contacts,” he wrote.

A new Snow Mode makes finding trails and parking lots easy, and the app helps you avoid avalanches, too

How does it compare against the competition? A guide finds out.

Follow these steps to spend less time stressing over the details and more time on the trail

But the developers know that could present an overcrowding problem

Here's how to use Gaia GPS to save your route so you never get lost again

A checklist of essential skills, concepts, and definitions

Your mindset is your most important tool in the backcountry

How to build a system of equipment that will offer direction in wild landscapes

When things go wrong on a ski tour, this is what you should have in your pack

What types to bring, where to find them, and how to make your own

The story of how three crewmen lived more than a week in the middle of the Pacific in a wrecked sailboat with almost nothing

These items will keep you safe and having fun in the Valley

The gear and the skills you need to get home safely

When it comes to navigation, nothing beats the reliability of an old-school paper map and a compass

Smart devices that track everything you do

New and revamped classics for adventurous wrists

The easiest way to get found is to tell somebody responsible where you're going and when you'll be back.

Making your own custom map will change how you adventure.

From troubleshooting an active engine light to naming that mountain in the distance, download these tools for a fun, stress-free road trip

Five casual timepieces that offer a pop of color and don’t mind a swim

OnX Offroad opens up 985 million acres of public land with off-grid navigation

Advanced bike gear for safer, radder adventures

With a new line of premium watches, Garmin aims upmarket

A solid budget-minded option, so long as you can tolerate the infuriating keyboard

Thousands of people flock to the Alps each year to ski tour high-elevation routes, spending comfortable nights in a string of huts that serve wine and hot meals. This spring, a group of experienced skiers and their guide were trapped in a storm overnight on an exposed saddle. By morning, nearly all were dead or dying.

Want to serve the tastiest meat ever at your next dinner party? This is the (significant) investment it will take to make that happen.

Our world is more digital everyday, but humans are analog creatures

After nearly 40 years of attempts by multiple people—and at least one mysterious disappearance—Scott Donaldson became the first person to paddle alone across the 1,400-mile stretch of ocean

Once again, our gear editors head to the industry's largest trade show to scope out the latest, greatest outdoor tools and toys

As wildfires get worse, these powerful new tools will help keep you safe

Digital tools to help you get into (and out of) the backcountry

The new app may be the most ambitious adventure tech to hit the market since sat phones

The family of three watches gets even fancier navigation features, and the 5X Plus gets a pulse oximeter

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