I tested the Gazelle Medeo electric cruiser to see how many gallons of gas it saved me on my daily commute

Larry Burke wins a lifetime achievement award at Outdoor Retailer

Outside’s founder, Larry Burke, has won a Lifetime Achievement Award

In 'Hike the Line,' from Corey Robinson, these hikers share an experience that's unlike any other thru-hike

From the Canadian Kootenay Rockies to Southwest hot springs, we found the most scenic stretches of road for epic summer adventures

Huckberry found the formula for stylish, quality glasses that don’t qualify as a splurge

Being a beginner (or just perpetually mediocre) doesn't mean you should quit

A group of Australian cyclists departs Oklahoma to replicate the iconic journey taken by the Joad family in the novel 'The Grapes of Wrath'

The Gila is America’s most endangered river. What do we stand to lose if it disappears thanks to climate change and overuse?

Two new podcasts are telling stories about climate and environmental change—and giving us a venue for considering the future

New Mexico lawmakers in pursuit of tourism dollars could help push the niche sport into the mainstream, as well as boost visitors to one of the country’s great, overlooked long-distance routes

Here's where the pioneering skier sends it when she's not shredding the backcountry

Marie Kondo's ‘Tidying Up' is hardly a new concept for those who live a nomadic lifestyle

New Mexico wants to create a first-of-its-kind Outdoor Equity Fund for underserved youth. Other states that care about preserving the natural world and raising a new generation of activists should take note.

A few hints: They're stylish, cut glare exceptionally well, and cost only $61

A few tips and tricks to keep you comfortable and your trailer in working order when the mercury drops and the snow starts to fall

Attorney Xochitl Torres Small just won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in a rural district. One of her prominent talking points? Protecting the region's national monument.

The world's best lodges have something in common—unparalleled access to vast wilderness, soaring peaks, and empty coastlines

The route patches together portions of five other thru-hikes and includes sections of trail-less meandering through the Sonoran and Mojave deserts. It's no wonder that only one person has ever completed it—yet.

Avoid the Northeast's traffic-clogged roads and get out on foot or bike at these lesser-known leaf-peeping destinations

Don't want to spend money on prepackaged energy food? Use one of these machines to make your own jerky or dried fruit.

'Outside' staffers know a thing or two about maximizing our microadventures. Steal our tips for getting after it in the early morning, late at night, during lunchtime, and on short weekends.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will offer up nearly 4 million acres of public lands for lease this year, much of it for dirt cheap

There are 128 National Scenic Byways across the country. Here are five of our favorites.

In wildlife management areas, hikers can glimpse animals in their natural, pristine habitat while getting off the beaten path

Amid a frenzied conversation over shrinking public lands, Native Americans run hundreds of miles to honor—and take back—the land that's sacred to them

A new study polled western voters' views on the interior secretary, Trump's public lands agenda, and downsizing Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante

Catch this summer's night sky in full force in one of these perfectly dark locales

It's taken half a decade to iron out the logistics, and while White Sands National Monument has as good a chance as ever at becoming a park, it's not guaranteed.

Fire has always been a part of the landscape. The mistake we made was trying to stop it—something Florida never did.

Lightweight and incredibly packable, the Flash Air is a complete, protective camping system for under $200

2018 was one of the driest seasons on record. How many resorts can survive another like it?

Life on the road means freedom from daily schedules. But it's nice to have familiar places to look forward to every year.

New Mexico's Bandelier National Monument holds clues to what may happen to forests affected by massive fires

Ski hills, even the small ones, are ramping up their offerings to entice you back in the warmer months

Why go to all the way to Africa to gaze at big game when you can drive yourself through New Mexico?

For Santa Fe native and climber, Ben Hanna, the Bat Cave has been his proving ground for over 5 years.

While political and legal battles rage over the future of our national monuments, one of the most important things you can do is go see them—and then share your experiences widely. Here are some of our favorite adventures. 

Arizona's Mt. Graham was always there to climb. We just had to stop and do it.

Goiyo Perez manages the Bavarian, an iconic German restaurant and bar at the base of New Mexico's Taos Ski Valley

EnergyNet, an online auction company from Amarillo, Texas, is set to make a fortune from oil and gas leases under the Trump administration. And good luck finding a way to protest.

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