Explore underground and see a famous bat colony in southern New Mexico. It's our 62 Parks Traveler's seventh stop on her journey to visit every U.S. national park in a year.

'This Land' profiles runner Faith Briggs as she traverses 150 miles through three national monuments

When the long-running TV game show relaunched in January, it promised a kinder, gentler version suited for the current health climate. It didn't deliver.

Welcome to America's newest national park, with endless and huge sand dunes to explore. It's our 62 Parks Traveler's fifth stop on her journey to visit every U.S. national park in a year.

When the mine closed in Questa, New Mexico, in 2014, the town found itself in the midst of an identity crisis

There's more at stake now than skiing, but it's OK to be bummed out about it

The nonprofit WildEarth Guardians is taking on the U.S. Forest Service's grazing regulations

The former U.S. Ski Team member is accused of killing a man in New Mexico

Despite President Trump's budget proposal that calls for slashing funding for national parks and the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a bipartisan group of senators is moving forward with critical legislation for both

From visiting Alaska's fat bears to traveling solo across Scotland, here's how we're spending our PTO

The Sunski Treelines are great for skiing and everyday adventures

The country's largest dune field has been a national monument since 1933, but now it's our 62nd national park

Why the new crop of state recreation offices are about more than just outdoor sports

Tucked away among farms and barren grasslands in a forgotten corner of the state lies one of the best bouldering destinations in the country. Our video producer, a Roy fanatic, outlines how to visit the growing location without harming its fragile ecosystem.

We drove to Mexico and filled our thermoses with margaritas (for gear testing)

The inability of western states to track water usage is exacerbating the region's drought crisis

We tested three models at different prices and found a clear favorite

Our writer's hands-down favorite for wind-blown and chapped lips

Catch the great southerly migration with North America's top birding enthusiasts

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